10 Brutal Truths About Happiness


Today’s post is about happiness and all the hidden truths about it with pain tattoo quotes. So, if you want to know what’s really going on with your emotions, here are 10 brutal truths to make you feel better about where you are.

1. Some people will always get it wrong

There are some people in the world who think that happiness is just an elusive and naïve notion. They’re convinced that fulfillment is an illusion or a selfish goal, as if contentment were not a universal right. As long as they’re alive they’ll be pointing out the things in life to complain about and belittle, too arrogant to notice how sad their ideology makes them. Ignore them – their self-inflicted misery can’t affect your peace of mind.

2. People Will Make You Happy By Accident For No Reason

Happiness isn’t something you really “earn” – you can’t work for it or plan for it, at least not all the time. Sometimes you’ll have a moment of pure joy just because of something unexpected, like seeing someone you love or learning a new fact. Other people can make you feel good, too – that’s the magic of human interaction. Don’t overthink it – don’t try to analyze everything that happens to you or look for explanations where there aren’t any. Some things in life are just worth enjoying without questioning why they happened.

3. You Can Always Tap Into Your Own Happiness

One thing is certain: no matter what happens, your inner happiness can only be affected by things happening inside your head. Your emotional well-being depends entirely on the way you feel. That’s one of the most important things to know about happiness – it’s something you have total control over.

4. You Can’t Create Happiness As An Art

Okay, so this one is a pretty brutal truth (sorry) but it’s true: there’s no way to create happiness for yourself as an art project. Self-improvement is definitely good and can help you develop a few things, but there are no shortcuts to good feelings, just like there are none to selfless behavior or doing awesome things just because they’re the right thing to do. This is something that has always been true and will probably remain so in the future.

5. Happiness Comes From Surprising Places

Since you can’t predict when a happiness-inducing event will happen to you, it’s best to assume that it will happen whenever it wants to. So, don’t resist the little moments of joy – they’ll keep happening whether you try to stop them or not. Try your best not to force those lightbulb moments, though – otherwise you run the risk of becoming a self-centered jerk who thinks things should be exactly how he wants them.

6. Happiness Has A Red Velvet Rope Around It

There are many things in life that are worth having but that can also make other people feel left out or inferior. For example, being really good at math can make you feel really good about yourself, but it also might make people who aren’t as talented feel less intelligent. This is one case where there’s something to learn from people who are more successful than you. Maybe it means their method is better, or that they have a secret skill that you haven’t discovered yet.

7. Happiness Depends On Whom You Surround Yourself With

If the person you spend time with makes you happy, then don’t stop hanging out with them. Conversely, if the person you spend time with doesn’t make you smile frequently enough or makes your mood go down quickly, then change it up and find someone else to hang out with. Friends are meant to make you happy, after all – not sad, not angry, just joyful.

8. Happiness Is All Around You

You don’t have to go far to be happy – sometimes you can find the good stuff right where you are. Sure, there are things missing from your life that would make you feel a whole lot better if they were in place but it’s still possible to find happiness even now. Try looking for the little things that cheer you up every day and hang onto them as if they were big achievements or rewards for doing your best – because sometimes they really can be just as important as anything else in your life.

9. You Can’t Be Happy And Do Good At The Same Time

One of the most common things that annoy people is when someone acts happy and good-hearted but still engages in negative behavior. If you’re truly happy, you’ll surround yourself with those who feel good by your company and similar values – good people. They can make you feel better than anyone with negativity because they’re not doing anything malicious to harm others or themselves. You won’t see them engaging in corrupt actions or selfish mistakes, which makes them much more genuine and trustworthy than anyone else.

10. Happiness Is Worth The Effort

Your mind is a powerful thing – but you’re also in control of it. The more you exercise your powers and make an effort, the more powerful you become. That’s why happiness is worth the effort, too – because it, like many other things, gets better with practice. If you spend more time enjoying life and being a positive person people will gravitate towards the positive vibe you put out and feel better about themselves. It really is that easy to affect other people with your attitude, so be sure to do it as often as possible!


Happiness comes from within and it’s worth the effort to find it. When you’re happy, other people will feel better about themselves, too. Don’t let negative people drag you down – nurture your own happiness and the universal one will take care of itself.


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