Here’s What People Are Saying About Ragan Social Media Conference 2017


The first day of the Ragan Social Media Conference 2017 has ended with several topics under consideration by attendees. Hopefully the most talked-about subject will be how to cultivate effective storytelling. Ragan social media conference 2017 is held at Hilton Austin in Austin, Texas. Days after the resignation of Mike Dubke as White House communications director, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Sean Spicer’s upcoming appearance. Spicer was notoriously criticized by the media for his mistruths and misleading statements during his time as press secretary for President Donald Trump. It remains to be seen how he will be received by the audience at this Ragan social media conference 2017.

The Ragan Social Media Conference is set against the backdrop of an administration where public officials seem to struggle with telling the truth, (i.e.: “alternative facts.”) But whatever happens, the news media will be watching. The Ragan Social Media Conference 2017 is a unique opportunity to hear from a communications expert about how to tell your story on social media in light of the current climate. 

Every keynote speaker and session highlights one thing: You can have all the social media platforms and content in the world, but without a compelling story, it’s just noise that no one wants to listen to. We have covered some of these tips in previous posts on storytelling, knowing that they are important components of any successful marketing campaign or business development strategy. 

Here’s What People Are Saying About Ragan Social Media Conference 2017 :

1. Social Media Transforms Organizations

We’re in the midst of a social media revolution and the acolytes of the technological god-head are more than happy to strike down anyone daring to question this new religion. But how does social media really transform organizations? I sat down with several Ragan’s Social Media Conference delegates who have had first-hand experience with the transformative effect social media has had on their business, whether they initially intended it that way or not. They told me how they discovered the power of social and what they learned along the way.

2. Social Media Expert Shares Tips on Writing a Good Headline

What’s in a headline? A lot, if you want to reach people. It’s the first thing people see when they come to your site, and it can make or break a conversion. So if you’re just starting out with social media, here are some tips on writing catchy headlines that will get people to click through.

3. How Social Media has Changed the Internet Marketing game

In this day and age of information overload, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the plethora of digital noise that surrounds us. With so much information, how does one find the right keywords to target their audience? And what if you don’t know where to start? Social media expert Bruce Temkin has compiled a detailed report on social media trends you should consider before embarking on your social media marketing campaign.

4. The Basics of Social Media Analytics and ROI

One of the challenges most marketers have is figuring out what social media tactics are and aren’t working for them. That’s why it’s important to track your success with social metrics and analytics. In this webinar, Ragan Social Media Conference “go-to” speaker James Moran will explore various ways to measure returns on investment for social campaigns.

5. Social Media for Newbies: A Beginner’s Guide on Social Media Marketing

In this webinar, you’ll see how to set up your own social media profiles and learn tips from the top social media marketing experts on what makes a solid profile and how to use proper grammar.

6. How Important is Social Presence?

You may be guilty of thinking that all social presence is important and you should have it at all times to be relevant with all the time-hungry people in the world. But is that what’s best? In this Webinar, you will learn why you shouldn’t always have your content circulating everywhere at once on your blog, twitter, facebook and others.

7. What’s the Deal with Twitter?

You’ve heard plenty of reasons why you should be on Twitter, but did you know that a lot of those reasons are myths? So why should you care? Because it could mean that you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities. Learn the truth about Twitter and how it can help your brand for success. 

8. Social Media Marketing – An Hour A Day

Marketers are under pressure to produce results, yet have only limited resources to do so. This webinar will teach you how to effectively use social media marketing in your team or business. You will learn about the importance of choosing the right tools for the job, developing a social media marketing strategy and measuring your results.


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