10 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Hotel


Maybe you’re an airport hotel or a hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe your hotel is going out of business and you need to get it off the books before accepting a new job offer. Check out these tophotelsglobally.com.

Or maybe you just want to turn your room into something marginally more stylish.

No matter what, there are ways around the typical budget-friendly solutions when it comes to picking up some cheap decor items for hotels, like these 10 ridiculously simple products that will help spruce things up:

1) A sock on a door handle

This one is hands-down the best and easiest way to decorate a hotel room. All you have to do is take a sock and put it on any brass or silver door handle when you leave your room. No one wants to touch an old gross doorknob with their hand when they open their doors! Get creative by stuffing a clean sock over the offending knob before hitting the light switch at night. Neat!

2) A cut down coffee can for a toilet paper holder

This one is festive. Take one of those huge cans of coffee and cut a hole in the bottom and in the lid for a toilet paper holder. Then, just slap it on the wall next to your toilet.Forgot to order dispensers? Tape a coffee can to the wall of the bathroom and poke a hole in the top for your toilet paper! 

3) A hanger for a lamp

All those lamps in the hallway? Screw turning them on. Just take one of the metal hangers from your suitcase, tape it to the wall, and then drape a towel over it for a lampshade. Take one of your shirts and loop the sleeves over the lampshade. It will look striking and add a touch of style to your hotel room. Get creative by hanging a couple of stockings on their arms and removing the lightbulb.

4) A few stones

You can use rocks as water features and to decorate your hotel room. Doing this is easy: just take a few large stones and arrange them in some sort of pattern on the floor or on the wall. Simple, yet effective. I’ve seen some pretty cool things hanging from ceiling fans in hotels, like vases and even jugs of wine. You can hang these little stones from your bathroom’s ceiling fan while you’re at it; they add a nice touch to the room without breaking the bank.

5) A white sheet for a door handle

All those brass or silver door handles in the hallway? Screw taking them off. Instead, just use a sheet of white paper to cover your door handle. If you don’t have any socks lying around, wrap a white sheet around your doorknob when you’re not using it and no one will ever touch it.

6) A blanket for a curtain

Alright, this one is a little tricky, but still doable. The idea is simple: take a blanket and throw it over the window to block out light. The tricky part? You have to permanently pin the blanket in place so that it stays up. If you don’t have any white sheets, don’t worry. Just use a blanket (clean or dirty), and no one will ever know the difference!

7) A pipe cleaner for a curtain rod

Who needs a curtain rod when you can use a pipe cleaner to hang curtains? All you have to do is take one of those cheap plastic curtain rods and wrap it up; that’s it. This tip is for those hotel customers who forgot to bring their own curtain rods. If your hotel lacks them entirely, just use a sturdy pipe cleaner to tie sheets together! 

8) Decorative plates as bedside lamps 

For a simple yet striking solution, just take some decorative plates and stick them under the bedside lamp. Not only will they look cool, they’ll allow you to use an electrical outlet that wouldn’t normally be accessible. This one is all about creativity. A pack of decorative plates can be used as lamp shades. Choose bright colors and decorate the rim with glitter glue that matches your theme.

9) A glass candle holder

If you’re trying to fix up your hotel room to blend in with the other hotels in the area, then use a piece of glass candle holder for a table lamp. In this case, don’t just hang it from the ceiling; put it on its side and place it on a small table. Hotel owners want all their guest rooms to be the same. To keep your room’s decor as unique as you are, just hang a glass candle holder over the mirror in your bathroom (make sure it’s not too heavy).

10) Decorative tissue paper for a doorknob

If you desire an even easier, though more mild-mannered solution, just wrap a sheet of decorative tissue paper around your doorknob when you’re not using it.


These are just a few ideas to keep in mind the next time you’re staying at a hotel. If the conditions aren’t up to your standards, don’t worry; all you need is a little creativity and you’ll be set! No more gross doorknobs or dusty ceiling fans.


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