15 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Self Entertainment Is Using This Technique For Exposure


In today’s age, the internet has become a tool for self-publicity. In order to achieve fame and fortune, you can no longer simply wait on the posters of your latest album release or new music video to put up in stores or online. Instead, you need to promote your work yourself. Hostfest 2017 is one of the greatest examples of how you can use self entertainment to gain exposure. Self-entertainment is a technique that includes things like posting about an experience or otherwise interesting story that happened on social media platforms so that other people will see it and appreciate it.

15 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Self Entertainment Is Using This Technique For Exposure :

1. Cost

Another thing that has made self-entertainment explode in popularity is its relatively low cost. The internet is free for everyone to use, and it’s also free for musicians to promote albums or share stories about their tours. It costs nothing but time, which is something anyone can invest in.

2. Fast Results

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why self-entertainment has become so mainstream is because it gives people results much faster than traditional marketing techniques do. You only need to be active for about a week and most people will see multiple connections to your profile in just seven days.

3. Addictive, Rewarding Behavior

Many people enjoy the rewarding behavior that comes from seeing their friends post interesting stories, and it’s much easier than traditional advertising strategies. You could provide users with access to exclusive content too, but there are cheaper forms of this that you can use too.

4. Spreading Influence through Relationship Building

By sharing your experiences on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you’re building a wide range of relationships with other people who share the same interests as you do. In some cases, they’ll even share your content. In other cases, they’ll follow you around on social media and check out your latest updates. This helps you build a more interactive network of people you can connect with.

5. Quality Content Generation

A powerful thing that self-entertainment does is that it encourages people to create quality posts about themselves rather than just quick posts about something insignificant like a new video game release or restaurant meal. It makes people take their time when it comes to sharing their experiences with other similar individuals who are interested in the same things as they are. This also builds a sense of trust in the community because of its honest nature.

6. Growth

Paired with being active for only a week, this strategy gives way to several different results. You’ll get more exposure and you’ll attract unique visitors to your social media page. People will be able to see that you’re actively sharing something, which creates a stronger bond with your audience. Getting people interested in you is one of the most important aspects of self-entertainment, and this tactic helps you build trust and credibility in the community too.

7. More Engagement

Not only will it encourage people to post interesting stories just for the sake of it, but it also increases their engagement level within each post as well. This is because it encourages you to interact with your audience and get more comments and retweets. People are drawn to this method because they love connecting with other people who share the same interests.

8. Memorable Content

It’s much easier than traditional marketing strategies to get people talking about your content on social media platforms because of its unique nature. People will be able to relate more easily and this will result in a more engaging online experience for them, which helps you build a stronger bond with the members of your audience too. This is why so many musicians and celebrities use self entertainment for exposure.

9. It’s a Great Way to Build a Fan Community

You can use this method to build a fan community of people who share the same interests as you do. People want to connect with others that they can relate to, and this strategy offers them the chance to easily find someone just like them online.

10. Nurture Relationships with People You Meet on Social Media Platforms

If you start posting interesting content, you’ll be able to maintain relationships with people you meet on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter because they’ll know more about what’s going on in your life. The more insight they have into your life, the more likely they are going to be interested in what you have going on.

11. It’s Easier Than Traditional Marketing Strategies

This kind of content sharing technique is a lot simpler than traditional marketing strategies because it doesn’t require any additional knowledge or skills. Anyone can start posting interesting content on social media much easier than they would when having to create a video for their website or take photos for promotional purposes.

12. It Makes People Think about You Before They Buy What You’re Selling

One thing you’ll notice is that people don’t have to be actively engaged in your content in order for it to work. Sometimes you’ll have someone follow you around on social media, only to find out that they bought your latest album release or tickets to one of your concerts a few months later. That’s why this content sharing strategy is so powerful and it’s one of the reasons why celebrities are using it for exposure as well.

13. Cost Efficiency

This content sharing technique, especially when used by self-employed musicians, offers the chance to get a lot more exposure at a fraction of the cost. You only need to invest your time according to your personal schedule and you can start building a platform to promote your music or share stories about your latest tour. While social media may seem like a mysterious and complex marketing tool, it’s actually pretty easy for anyone to become successful when they learn how to use it in an effective way.

14. You’ll Be Seen as Authentic

One of the most important things you can do when you share your experiences with the world is to make it clear that you’re doing it out of necessity rather than trying to make someone think you’re popular. Using this content sharing technique will help boost your image because people see that you’re being genuine and honest rather than someone trying to sell something.

15. It’s a Helpful Way to Showcase Your Expertise

Posting about certain topics can show people that you have an interest in something, which makes it more likely for them to pay attention when you do offer information about a certain topic.


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