7 self- sabotaging psychological habbits


Self-sabotaging behaviors are not uncommon in all women. 

They can surface when trying to organize your life, have a difficult day at work, or just generally feel frustrated.

 Recognizing these tendencies is the first step toward changing them. 

It’s important to understand if you’re prone to self-sabotage because you will inevitably put yourself 

in challenging situations where it can be tempting to fall back on these habits rather than 

figuring out new things that make you happy and fulfilled in your daily life.

Here are seven self- sabotaging psychological habits that affect women in different ways.

1. Busy Busy Busy

People with low self esteem often believe that they’re not worth much individually, but they’re actually worth more than most people realize.

 They’re funny funny funny! That’s why, when your friends ask you what you did all weekend, 

the last thing you want to tell them is that you spent the whole day cleaning your white tile 

kitchen floor when it was the only surface in the house without any marks on it (Note: this is not recommended). 

Even if there were no marks before, your friends would still laugh at you. You know what’s also hard? 

Being hailed as a ‘detail queen. ‘ It’s probably not good to be complimented for the minutiae of your existence. 

You know what else isn’t good? All this busyness you keep creating for yourself, because the second step in self-sabotage is overworking.

And it’s especially bad if you’re not doing anything with this time, 

except feeling guilty about all of the stuff you could have done but didn’t do because of that guilt that comes from being so ‘busy.’ 

You’ll never have more time than right now to read that book on your nightstand or 

do whatever it is that makes you happy. Busy Busy Busy is just too much on its own, though.

2. Unreasonable 

When you’ve had a bad day, one thing you do is yell at yourself. 

For instance, you just got stuck talking to your boss for an extra hour at work after forgetting

 to send out an email that should have gone out five minutes before the meeting started. 

Or maybe while driving home you see some construction on the highway and get even more frustrated than usual with all of the new traffic patterns, 

which is another opportunity for self-sabotage. You can say “I’m always getting sidetracked by irritating things like this! Things are perfectly fine.

 Just Blaming Not Me

Everyone has bad days; it’s natural to feel frustrated and angry at ourselves on occasion. 

There’s no need to pass this pain and anger onto someone else, however.

 If you feel like you’ve been a bad friend or partner or wife or daughter or colleague, try taking an honest look at your actions and the consequences of those actions. 

Sure, we might expect we’ll do some things we don’t like when we’re having a bad day as human beings,

 but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to do something disrespectful or rude just because you’re feeling angry at yourself for some other reason.

 Stop Being So Sensitive!

People with low self- esteem tend to be more sensitive than most people.

 It’s like women are the only gender that is allowed to show emotion. If you can’t help but feel 

what you feel, then there’s no need to apologize for yourself. Self-sabotage isn’t about fixing something; it’s about hiding things. 

Hiding your real feelings is a common behavior for many people who suffer from low self-esteem, particularly

 if they were shamed for showing their true emotions growing up.

5. Go On, Stop Backstabbing Me

One of the most common forms of self-sabotage is feeling like someone doesn’t support you and wanting to share that with them in some way. 

Maybe they’ve said something that hurt your feelings or didn’t support you in a decision you made. 

You can try to work it out with them, even if they’ve done nothing wrong, 

but when you’re in a bad mood right now and they haven’t actually done anything at all wrong, it’s not going to do much good.

 Pick On Me

If you’re prone to self-sabotage, you probably with the idea of picking on someone else. 

Maybe it’s because your life is so difficult, so unimpressive, 

so full of minutiae that you don’t think anyone will ever really care about you. Hopefully people do care about you! 

But, if they don’t care for who you are at least a little bit, then 

why would it be good to make them feel guilty for not having a lot of feeling for your life? Just pick on someone else instead.

 I’m A Bad Friend!

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