7 Things That You Never Expect On Raid Nether Spider


The Raid Spider is a generally terrifying creature, and there are 101 things you never expect to happen on one. For example, you don’t expect spiders to develop a taste for human flesh. You don’t expect it to suddenly start raining bullets out of the sky. Raid nether spider is an especially dangerous creature, as it’s one of the only creatures to undergo metamorphosis. It’s also by far the most dangerous creature in the nether. Raid nether spider is a terrifying, violent creature that spawns in lava and is best left avoided. When fighting a raid nether spider, always remember this important fact. 

7 Things That You Never Expect On Raid Nether Spider :

1. It Will Drop Unusual Items

In vanilla MC, gold was the only valuable drop a spider is capable of. In Modded minecraft, your spider may drop a plethora of interesting loot. Things like gunpowder, fire charges, string and even diamond hoes have all been reported to be dropped from these creatures. For this reason it’s strongly recommended that you kill any spiders you come across while adventuring in the nether. The only downside is that they are hostile towards all mobs. It’s best to kill them with a bow and arrow or poison them or find your own mob to fight them with!

2. It Will Drop Weapons And Armor

Nuclear bomb, fire charges and lava bucket are commonly dropped as loot from raid spiders. While this is rarely seen, it is possible to see these items drop. Is it a good idea? No, not really. When you kill a spider, the drop table updates based on the type of mob that drops the item. This means you have a very small chance at getting something like a fire charge or nuke bomb from your spider, either by chance or by skilling up in that area. If you get lucky there are some items that may be useful to you such as string (a useful item for enchanting/enchanters) and possibly diamond hoes or some other tools.

3. It Will Spawn In The Nether

Raid spiders spawn in the nether so they are not found in the overworld. Although they do live in the same environment, they are neither cute nor cuddly. Just like any spider, a raid spider is hostile to all mobs. The only difference is you might have a better chance of beating it as there are no natural predators to interrupt your battle with it in the nether. Do keep in mind that if you kill one, prepare for two more spiderlings to spawn at once. That alone should be enough to scare anybody away from killing a raid spider.

4. It Will Spawn With Other Mobs

Raid spiders are generally hostile to all other mobs. Killing other mobs while fighting a raid spider can be pretty helpful as they will give you time to heal up while your enemy is distracted. Some of the most useful combinations are with zombies and ghasts because spiders are relatively weak against them especially on hard difficulty setting. Trying to fight a raid spider by yourself is not recommended at all, as you will likely die from fighting it. It’s best that one runs away since usually when you run, spiders stop chasing you even if they’re not close enough to despawn yet.

5. It Will Spawn In A Cauldron

While this doesn’t seem to be an issue on normal difficulty, the cauldron is often considered a safer place to spawn a raid spider. This is because a cauldron will always contain nothing but water, which means there are no other mobs that can kill you as you fight it. The downside here is that after spawning from the cauldron, you are pretty much bound to die unless you have a good source of healing (such as potions) or if you have done tons of iron armor and diamond pickaxe training.

6. It Will Spawn With Other Enemies

Raid spiders are generally hostile to most other mobs in the game. Just like with other enemies, spawn with a raid spider can be a good idea if you’re planning to fight it alone. That way you won’t get distracted by the other mobs and will have time to heal as well as time to find a way out of the nether.

7. It Will Drop The Golden Apple Trap

Nuclear bomb is commonly dropped by raid spiders. You don’t have much of a chance of getting it, but there are some golden apple trap around that drop nuclear bombs too. If you want to farm the item, stock up on pure redstone, lava buckets/sauces, and a hopper. If you place a golden apple trap on top of the hopper then connect a redstone torch to that hopper and right below the torch (about 2 blocks away), place an enchanted golden apple. 

When the bomb hits the ground, it will detonate and drop a nuclear bomb infinitely. You can repeat this process to farm for tons of these bombs. Keep in mind that although this is not really recommended since the experience rate is low, you will have a much higher chance at getting it if you have been mining or farming for iron or diamond armor with your pickaxe without breaking them.


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