How PIE Method Writing Can Ease Your Pain

pie chart method writing

We all know that the human race has a fair few aching joints and muscles. This is something that we cannot avoid, no matter how much we might want to – it just comes with the territory of being human. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can ease your pain. The Pie method writing is one such method and it’s been used by therapists for decades as a way to reduce their patients’ pain levels! 

Pie method writing is entirely made up of positive statements that can be focused on any issue. You can write PIE in the morning to start your day with a positive outlook, or in the evening after a particularly difficult day at work – whatever the situation, PIE writing is a great way to get things going in your life. 

How PIE Method Writing Can Ease Your Pain :

1. The PIE Method for Pain Relief

The first thing that you want to do with your PIE writing is to prioritize what it is that you want. For example, if you are struggling from back pain then you might write something like: “I can stay out of my back pain today with ease.” Notice the positivity of this statement? It’s important that in your PIE writing, you make sure that the statements are positive and portray the outcome of what you wish to achieve. 

When making a statement in your PIE writing, it’s best to avoid terms like “try” or “wish” because they aren’t set in stone and will have little effect on strengthening your internal feeling of confidence. Instead, you want to use belief language such as “I” or “can” and also promote feelings of accomplishment. 

2. PIE Method – Part 1: The Technique

For PIE method writing, you’ll need a notebook and pen or pencil and some paper. These can be purchased in any book store, but if you want to save some money then it’s best to buy your own and cut back on the amount of money that you’re spending on these items! Once purchased, get out your notebook and start writing down the positive statements that you’ve chosen. The following steps will take about five minutes and should probably take place between 10am and 11am depending on your own schedule! 

3. PIE Method – Part Two: How to Use PIE

The great thing about PIE is that you can use it for anything. In fact, many people start each day with a positive outlook on the day ahead. However, it could be a week from today and you are still struggling with the same issue. Why not write some more positive statements about your situation? With this method of writing, you can easily change your perspective and reduce your pain by writing down how you would like things to be! It’s entirely up to you. 

4. PIE Method – Part Three: How to Deliver Your PIE

Once you have written your PIE statements, time to deliver! The best way to do this is by first forming a sentence and then adding the positive statement at the end of it, as in: “I will be cradled in the arms of my friend tomorrow night.” Try saying this out loud a few times. This will help you understand how much easier your life can be if you ‘reinforce’ your own positive thoughts – meaning that you want things to happen again and again, which explains why you’re always trying to make things happen! 

5. PIE Method – Part Four: How to Visualize

Have you ever tried visualizing yourself in a certain situation? This is often used in sports, where the athletes will see themselves winning before going out onto the field. It’s not a magic trick. It’s just a way of building confidence in yourself by focusing on what it is that you want to happen. What does your ideal future look like? You can write this down and then look at it for inspiration when times get tough. 

6. PIE Method – Part Five: Motivating Yourself

When you’re looking into your future and building confidence in yourself, you might be wondering if things are really turning out that way. What can you do to make yourself feel a little more confident? It’s wise to remain positive in the present moments of your life to prevent yourself from becoming negative. You don’t have to have a grand idea of what the future will bring but instead try and focus on building your confidence today! 

7. PIE Method – Part Six: How to Use PIE with Learning New Things

Sometimes, when we’re learning something new and have a lot of pressure on us, we can feel nervous. This nervousness can sabotage your performance. What can you do? Worrying and worrying will simply put you into a stressed position. You don’t want to be stressed! It’s best if you’re as relaxed as you can be in order for your mind to function at optimum levels. Rather than focusing on how little or much you know about something, turn it around by using the PIE method of writing! Instead of writing PESS (Problems, Embarrassment and Stress), try the PIE method instead! 


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