Amazing Indian Reality Tv Shows Hacks


If you are sick and tired of your days being washed away by reality tv, here are 37 Indian reality Tv shows to help you gain back some productivity and burn off the calories. You’ll learn life lessons, develop a new skill, or simply have fun with these shows and learn about goundamani death.

All of the following websites offer different steps of how to survive in India’s harsh weather:

On this website I’ve described how one can get a ride in an SUV without getting wet feet. In the list below is a description for each step on how to get yourself out of danger when traveling through rough terrain in India.

1. Do not have a car. 

This is the first and foremost rule to follow as traveling in India is extremely difficult without one. A car with AC, satellite navigation, speedometer and radio really come in handy when driving through dangerous areas with narrow roads where pedestrians may be present. Of course this does not apply to you if you are only going for a short distance so I am sure that for some of you I am dreaming big. Of course this does not apply to you if you are only going for a short distance so I am sure that for some of you I am dreaming big.

2. Don’t wander away from your vehicle 

It is best to stay at your vehicle’s side whenever on the road even in beautiful weather conditions. When traveling in India, one can rarely expect the weather to be good- firstly because of the seasonal variation and secondly because India is not exactly known for its sunny weather. Once you decide to venture away from your vehicle it will be difficult if not impossible to get back to it if you get caught in a landslide or a flood so always stay with your car at all times while on the road.

3. Be careful while climbing hills 

When traveling through mountains, be very careful when going up or down steep slopes as there may be landslides beneath the surface. Always, always walk on the sidewalk or the road because if you try to climb a steep mountain stand, you may risk getting hurt.

4. Don’t carry more than you can carry 

I am not just talking about weight anymore! I am talking about baggage. Be wise and listen to your instinct as carrying too much stuff may get in the way of your safe travel. In other words, when traveling through rough terrains such as deserts and mountains, try not to be too heavy as it may be dangerous for your body.

5.- Don’t take risks 

When traveling in India it is best to avoid taking unnecessary risks and don’t go into areas where you don’t know what is happening around you. It is a shame that it needs to be said but unfortunately we sometimes get travelers going through the most dangerous times in India without a local guide. If you have found yourself in this situation, I recommend that you avoid taking unnecessary risks and above all, don’t venture into situations you don’t know about.

6. Ask for help if you need it 

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, do not hesitate and ask for help from someone around. You will surely get assistance from someone if they can help and even if they cannot, they will at least be able to point out the way for you to go.

7. Be careful with your food and water 

I’m not talking about the calories but I am talking about the quality of your food and water. Always be aware that when you are traveling through very hot areas or dangerous terrains such as mountains, tropical jungles and desert, there may be poisonous insects around that can harm you if you consume their products.

8. Stay away from rivers 

Watch out for people dying while drowning in rivers that may be huge in areas with a lot of water. You can avoid such situations by getting to know some of the local customs before going on a journey so that you will know what is appropriate to do or not do at certain times.

9. Avoid walking on lone roads 

If you are wondering why avoid walking on a road or path, it is best to stay away from roads that are not well traveled as there is a chance that you will be the victim of an attack. One should always make sure that the path he or she chooses to walk on is well maintained in order to avoid sinking into a ditch or getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

10. Ride with friends 

If possible, it is best to travel with friends instead of alone if you have no companion. If you have been traveling by yourself, don’t worry; this article has much more tips and things you need to learn when traveling through rough terrains such as deserts and mountains.


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