An Exclusive Sneak Peak at What’s Next for Nudie Patootie Clothing.


What is nudie patootie clothing?

Nudie Patootie is a line of American Apparel-styled clothing with an animal theme (Patootie is the company’s name). The apparel was popularized by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton in 2010.

Recently, in late 2016, Nudie Patootie Clothing went bankrupt and liquidated their assets, putting many of its exclusive rights up for sale. This has left artists who created merchandise for the brand out in the cold. One example is artist George Kernellis who has exploited this opportunity to start his own brand called G-nudes. However, this has left many artists wondering what they can do to create merchandise for themselves and their fans. As an example of this, let us take a look at Nudie Patootie Clothing’s design process.

In order to produce clothing, the company designs items on an exclusive contract basis and then manufactures these in Taiwan by hand. There are two ways that these pieces are made: either 100% polyester or cotton blend. To decide which would be the best available (possible) prototypes in 2016, we could either wait until inventory is ready or take our chances with the polyester. We chose to roll the dice.

Use of nudie patootie clothing:

Nudie Patootie clothing is available in a range of sizes and shapes (especially for women). A nudie patootie shirt could also be used as a gift or as a template to make your own custom design.

At this time, the brand has only produced T-shirts and sweatshirts. However, they are looking forward to producing hoodies, leggings and underwear starting in 2017. In addition to the brand’s current clothing line, Nudie Patooti Clothing plans on creating new clothing lines corresponding to some of their most popular characters. An example would be for them to release an “Aliens” line of clothes that feature the company’s alien mascot Mr. Nutshell.

How are we funding?

We are asking for $24,000 to produce our first batch of products for Nudie Patootie Clothing. This will be enough to cover the cost of the fabric as well as shipping costs. Currently, we are using Pre-orders in order to fund this project with which we hope to start a small clothing line. This is why they use pre-orders instead of a traditional Kickstarter campaign that would only have one reward and last 30 days (instead of lasting up to 90 days). Pre-orders can also give customers an additional discount over what they would normally buy it for in an online store such as or

Ensuring that nudie patootie clothing is a success:

If we are able to successfully fund this project, then we hope to continue producing products with Nudie Patootie Clothing. The company is always open to new ideas and will probably come up with a theme of their own in the future. However, they are open to suggestions and are always willing to make custom designs on most of their pieces. We have also seen artists such as Paris Hilton sell out product lines in the blink of an eye (such as a black line for Nudie Patootie Clothing that featured zebra prints and black leggings).

Advantages of nudie patootie clothing:

For many people, there are many advantages to buying Nudie Patootie Clothing. First of all, each item is a piece of American Apparel clothing that is hand-sewn and professionally finished in Taipei. This means you can be sure that the fabric will not fray, it is soft on the skin, and will not cost more than $1.00 per garment to ship (if we obtain a deal with Fed Ex). Another advantage is that any design could potentially be sold on or stores if it sells out as an exclusive pre-order with Nudie Patootie Clothing.

Disadvantages of nudie patootie clothing:

There are examples online of bloggers who are interested in the product, but cannot afford to send a sample. Because of this, they may buy it and try to sell it on because items could be easier to move off their hands if they pay the $0.25 per listing fee for the site versus having to pay for the materials at anything beyond wholesale prices (original price).

What about Kickstarter Exclusive clothing?

Some people worry that if you do not pre-order Nudie Patootie Clothing from a Kickstarter campaign then you will be unable to buy it from places like Zara because they will be sold exclusively on Kickstarter. This is false because of how Kickstarter operates and how Amazon/Zara operates. 

To be clear, some products, such as Nudie Patootie Clothing, are only produced in limited quantities during 5 to 9 week periods. So unless you pre-ordered, these items will become available for purchase by others somewhere in the world. An example would be if someone saw Justin Bieber wearing a t-shirt with a design before anyone else did, yet he didn’t have it and now the product is being produced again. Then that person could make profit by selling whatever they made to those who missed out on what Justin wore.


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