Seven Things Your Competitors Know About Fitness Blogs


The fitness world is a very competitive one. You might be the number one best-selling or most popular, but you know that you never stand alone. Retro fitness  is returning, and it doesn’t matter who sells your product or service. It’s important to keep tabs on what the top fitness bloggers around the world are saying and doing because next year you might want to be competing with them instead of them competing with you! Here are 7 things that your competitors at the gym, running store, or online fitness store know about fitness blogging and blogging in general.

1. Blogs are a major traffic and opportunity source.

When was the last time someone told you that they did not read your blog? If you are a fitness blogger, your blog is probably playing a huge role in the majority of your sales. Blogs generate more traffic than most traditional advertising. According to the 2012 Blogging Package Survey, over 50% of all bloggers polled listed blogs as their primary source of traffic and awareness. 

That number is even higher when you consider that 73% of bloggers generate up to 2-3 times their monthly blog content through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Blogging has also been identified as one of the biggest revenue opportunities on the Internet.

2. Blogs provide a great opportunity to build credibility.

Getting people to visit your site is not only the first step of a sale or conversion, but it’s also important for branding and credibility. When people are searching for information about fitness equipment, training programs, or supplements, they don’t want to see ads or promotions. They want to see someone who they already trust and feel that they can learn from. 

And if you have an informative blog that talks about your experience and expertise, then it’s easy for people to follow and get information from you – especially when you publish in-depth and high-quality articles on a consistent basis.

3. Blogs can be the beginning of building a community.

When people feel comfortable and connected, it’s easier to make sales! Since blogging is all about providing value, you don’t want to only talk about the products or services that you are selling. Instead, you want to provide quality and helpful content that will keep people coming back for good information, not just because they need something from you. When people know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you, then your chances of selling a product or service increases exponentially!

4. Blogs help build an audience and community that can be leveraged into other promotional opportunities.

Blogs let business owners connect on a personal level with their followers. Your audience on your blog is looking for more than just a sales pitch or a hard ask. They are also seeking out valuable information as well as tips, hacks, and insider information. And they want to feel included and valued, which is why you will notice that the top bloggers in the fitness industry almost always have an active social media presence. 

They have communities on Facebook and Twitter that they can interact with on a personal level. And they are always developing their own brand outside of their blogs while still providing quality content that they know will be shared and spread by their readers!

5. Blogs can help to demonstrate expertise through research or detailed information about niche topics.

Blogs represent a way for fitness companies, gym owners, and even individual trainers to prove their expertise and get ahead of the competition. Blogging is all about creating content that your customers want to read. It’s about providing information that helps people make better decisions about their health and fitness. And when you do that, your business benefits greatly!

6. Blogs can help to reach those who aren’t a part of the core audience.

Fitness brands are always trying to stay one step ahead of the curve by identifying new trends before they become fixtures in the industry or by being on top of new technology or engineering breakthroughs. Blogging is one of the best ways to do that. By maintaining a blog and providing valuable information, you can make connections with people who otherwise may never have been interested in your product or service.

7. Blogs can be used to brand individual instructors or studios.

The fitness industry is very competitive and crowded. You need to stand out from the crowd if you want to create a successful business. Blogging is one of the best ways to do that because when people see your name, they think about you and your service. And when people search for information about you, they turn to your blog first!


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