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In this digital age, it’s difficult to argue that business is anything other than online. This means that if you’re an entrepreneur or a marketing executive, you’ll need to understand internet marketing tools and strategies. Luckily for us, there are plenty of great websites out there with resources listed by Yall New York on all the latest trends in digital media, from social media to search engine optimization. One of these sites is called Digital Marketing Experts; they have recently published an insightful and eye-opening interview with a digital marketing expert who has helped businesses across the globe flourish online for over 20 years!

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Digital Marketing Expert

The Digital Marketing Expert’s name is Danny Hayes, owner of the Agency for Radical Solutions and a digital marketing consultant. He has worked with companies such as Virgin Airlines, Ticketmaster, Amazon, and dozens more to make them the best they can be. In his interview, he explains why he thinks companies should begin implementing the latest digital marketing trends today in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

Danny Hayes believes that the best digital marketing strategies are the ones that focus on improving user experience, and he says that his expertise lies exactly in what he calls ‘user experience optimization.’ This process focuses on decreasing the number of steps required to complete a desired action or task and decreasing page load times.

User experience optimizer

“A great user experience optimizer makes it easier, faster, and less painful for the people who come to your site or interact with your company to get what they want,” says Hayes. “But for many companies, this is a brand new idea. Because with a terrible user experience, people get frustrated and leave. 

Hayes also believes that if a company wants to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing innovation they need to begin advertising on Facebook and the other social media platforms. “Today, over 80% of all internet users are on Facebook and more than half are active daily,” says Hayes. “And now that Facebook is testing advertisements inside the News Feeds, businesses can get in on the act too.”

Hayes continues: “Any company can create an account and start running ads and they don’t have to shell out big bucks for high-priced ad placement like in other forms of online advertising. 

Facebook advertising

You can choose the age range, gender, location, interests, and other demographics of the people who see your ad and you can also choose the exact type of people you want to reach with your ad.”

In addition to Facebook advertising, Hayes also believes that businesses should begin incorporating Twitter trends.

Hayes adds: “My favorite thing about Twitter is the hashtag. Any time you use a hashtag on Twitter, it turns your tweet into a clickable link that anyone can take advantage of to read what you have to say…and then they might even come back later and write you another tweet. This prevents the conversation from ending after just one or two tweets. And that’s how you start building followers.”

Last digital marketing trend

The last digital marketing trend that Hayes thinks every business should consider is online video marketing. “This one has become so important in just the last few years, and for two reasons,” says Hayes. The first reason is because video is incredibly engaging – it can convey a powerful message and draw customers to your site with a simple click of a button.”

He continues: 

But even more importantly, research shows that because so many users are watching videos on social media, it’s likely that your competition will have at least some of their ads in this format. So you might as well get in on the ground floor with video marketing.”

In closing his interview, Hayes emphasizes that digital marketing is constantly evolving. “Because if you don’t, your competition will. And then they’ll overtake you.”

Piece of advice

Hayes’ final piece of advice for digital marketing is to hire a professional. He says that there are two reasons for this: firstly, because he has “seen entrepreneurial companies grow from nothing into multi-million dollar enterprises,” and secondly, because he has helped save companies from bankruptcy by running digital marketing campaigns and proving ROI before giving them an invoice.

“I have had hundreds of clients and I treat all my work as if it’s for a family member,” says Hayes. I lie awake at night thinking about ways to make the things I touch better, faster, and more profitable.”

Hayes’ interview is an excellent example of the kind of useful information you can find on the web for free, and it’s something which entrepreneurs and marketing executives alike should absolutely read!

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