Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve Nexus Mods


Nexus Mods is a widely used website that allows people to upload and download scripts, mods, saves and maps for popular games. 

In this post I will be teaching you 10 secret techniques which allow you to improve Nexus Mods. These are easy steps that anyone can take in order to make their experience on mod nexus better than ever before! This blog post is perfect for people who are new to the site or those with some experience who would like to get the most out of it.

Here is the list of techniques:

1. Use Images Instead Of Links

This is the most important tip on this list. When you upload a mod to the site, it displays the name of the file in blue and the image in white. The image lets us see what sort of mod we are downloading, whether it is a house or a terrain mod. If you right click and copy an image link, as long as you keep that link for when you install the mod, no matter how many mods are updated in future this link will always work!

2. Use The Version Checker

You will see a red button next to every mod on Nexus Mods. This is the version checker. If you want to know if a certain mod has been updated, just click on it and the site will tell you which version this particular mod is.

3. Avoid Conflicts With Patches

Mods can always conflict with other mods and even the game itself! If there are any contradictory mods installed, they will have a note underneath them saying something along the lines of “This mod conflicts with: …” or “This mod conflicts with this other mod”. If you check the other mods and make sure that your mod does not conflict with anything, then it is safe to install.

4. Delete Conflicting Mods

Sometimes mods can cause problems by conflicting with other mods or the game itself. You might think that deleting a mod will solve the problem, but in reality it can cause more issues. What you need to do is go into Settings and then click on Manage Your Mods tab. You will see all of your installed mods on Nexus Mods listed here, under “Mods”. Simply remove the conflicting mods from this list and then run a game update.

5. Install Mods In Order Of Dependency

Another good tip is to install mods in order of dependency. If you are looking for a mod to add a new weapon, save or anything else in your game, check the description of the mod and it will tell you which other mods it depends on. You don’t want to download these other mods until you have installed the one which you need!

6. Save Your Load Order Number

When you hover over a mod in Nexus Mods, information about that mod will be displayed at the bottom including the load order number. This number cannot be edited, but you can copy and paste it into a .txt file. This allows you to easily open the load order in the future, instead of manually going through each mod and updating them one by one.

7. Use The Forum

The forum is probably the most helpful feature on Nexus Mods, as it allows you to connect with other users and find out new information about mods that you are looking for. Everyone is friendly on the site and will be willing to help you out!

8. Use The Comments Feature

If there is a problem with a certain mod, then people will leave comments below it saying what is wrong or what they did not like about the mod. Others will answer these comments, which allows you to get detailed feedback about the mods.

9. Leave Feedback

People who upload mods on Nexus Mods deserve credit for the hard work they put in to make these mods for us! If you like a mod that has been created, then leave a good comment praising them for their work. This helps motivate people to create more and more mods!

10. Take A Screenshot Of Your Load Order On The Site

This tip is not useful at all, but quite funny. When you first download a mod, there is usually a prompt on the top of the screen asking you to take a screenshot of your game. For some reason, they have included this “feature” even though it is something that can be done manually. I advise you to take a screenshot at least once every week, so that you can have an idea of your load order and also know what mods are conflicting with each other.


These simple steps can help you improve your Nexus Mods experience. I hope that this blog post will provide some useful information regarding technology which will allow you to get the most out of the site. 


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