Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions about Hiram Movies


I still remember the first time I saw the credits scroll by at the end of my favorite movie, The Evil Dead. It was a team of people with director, producer, assistant director – they all got thanked! Who were they? What do they do? How many movies have these people been in?

If you’ve ever wondered about these things (or many others), then you’ll love this article: Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions about movies 278 hiram.

1. Why is Hiram splattered on the walls at the end of the movie?

The hero of the movie, Ash, was covered in blood after his encounter with the evil deadite known as Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Just like a real demon, he turns into a pile of dust after his last blow. This was done by having him transformed into a pile of ashes and then blown off a cliff.

2. Did Hiram actually come to life at the end of The Evil Dead?

Yes, but it’s not that kind of life that we typically think about. He became alive as an abstract idea, as an acting force! His face was painted red, covered with black war paint and wearing a hatchet in his hand to symbolize his leadership.

3. When was the first movie called The Evil Dead?

It was called The Book of the Dead in 1977 and got renamed for video for copyright reasons. When Evil Dead II was released, it kept its title but was marketed as The Evil Dead II: Beyond Dead by Dawn. The Evil Dead was the original title for The Book of the Dead, but it didn’t fit on a movie poster so it was changed to The Book of the Dead.

4. What is a movie producer?

A movie producer is someone who can make things happen and bring them together. Getting a movie made is hard – people have to be inspired to the point where they want to spend the time and money it takes to make a movie. A movie producer is someone who makes sure that the money gets from the studio to the director and film crew. A production executive overseeing all aspects of film production, e.g., hiring crew, location scouting, financial management, and risk assessment.

5. What is an executive producer?

An executive producer is responsible for planning and managing different aspects at some point in a film’s production, most often financing the project with their own money or negotiating deals with investors on the creative team’s behalf. 

6. What is an associate producer (or co-producer)?

An associate producer works on the production of a film in a number of different ways. They may do anything from finding new locations for crew members to scouting for props, as well as negotiating deals with investors on behalf of the producers.

7. What is an executive in charge of production?

An executive in charge of production is the lead point person for the production, responsible for making sure all aspects of the film are completed on time and within budget. The person in charge of production on a set, they are responsible for making sure that everything related to moving the movie forward is taken care of, including scheduling and hiring crew. 

8. What is a line producer?

An associate producer in charge of making sure things like budgets and contracts are followed. They most often work as a part of the supervising unit – either as a second pair or as a first pair with the costume designer, production designer, and editor. A line producer is responsible for the day-to-day running of the production, from finding crew to securing finances.

9. What is a creative executive?

This person acts as an intermediary between the producers and development team in charge of developing the script. They may have some input into the development process while also seeing that it runs smoothly and on time. The role of a creative executive may change depending on the stage of production a script is at, with their place in the process varying over time as well. Creative executives are also often tasked with finding funding for projects in addition to overseeing their development, an additional job which requires them to be experienced at pitching ideas to investors.

10. What is a sales agent?

The individual responsible for selling a producer’s project, they are the most important person on the team if the goal is to make money from a movie. They work with different agencies and distributors to find another party willing to pay for the rights to show a film, which means that they must be skilled at making a pitch which really grabs potential investors’ attention.


Producers are the unseen face of the film industry, but an essential team member nevertheless. They are responsible for taking a movie from concept to completion, overseeing all aspects of production and raising the finances needed to cover their costs. The majority of producers’ work is over once shooting starts, with them handing over duties to line producers and production executives who deal with the day-to-day running of the set and organizing filming.


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