Why POTLOCKER.NET MOVIES Is No Friend To Small Business


I’m sure you’ve seen them, the small businesses of all shapes and sizes that take up entire storefronts or exist solely on Instagram. They’re everywhere, and they do a lot for small business owners. After all, what’s better than having an office in your home? But not every client is like this like potlocker.net 2016 movies.

Some are just looking for a little convenience — the ability to watch their favorite movies from the comfort of their living room sofa in between picking up dry cleaning or grocery shopping.

All about Potlocker.net movies:

1. Potlocker.net is a third-party provider 

It is a third party provider of movie downloads, similar to services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime. Their downloads are usually around $7 or less, and you can access them through your computer.

2. You have to purchase a subscription plan 

That gives you access to thousands of movies (e.g., $14.95 a month) or pay a one-time fee (e.g., $29.95) — but the price varies depending on the subscription plan you choose, so be sure to use their site’s search engine to compare plans and prices before checking out in order to avoid any unwanted surprises!

3. Potlocker.net movies are constantly changing

More than just a place to watch movies, Potlocker.net is a place where new movies are uploaded all the time. So if you see a movie that’s been recently released that you like, you can download it (if it’s in your library) and watch later. If not, you’ll have to wait for another movie to appear on the site (it can be up to a few months).

4. Streaming access is limited

Just like with any streaming service provider, it’s still limited on what you can stream with your membership — or rather, what features will be available to you when your membership expires. So if you’re thinking of signing up, be sure to read the fine print first.

5. Even with a subscription plan, you can’t skip commercials

I’m sure you’ve seen movies on Potlocker.net before; they always come with advertisements that show up every 15 minutes or so. If you want to save money, though, I’d recommend signing up for their trials — I agree that there’s no reason to pay $15 a month when a $7 trial would do the trick, regardless of how many times those commercials appear (you can usually skip two or three without paying anything). But if you want to save even more money, like $5 a month, I’d recommend buying the lifetime membership (which will make commercials go away forever).

6. You have to join Potlocker.net movies on your computer

And that means you must have a working computer and internet connection for the videos to download. It’s not hard; just head over to their click here) and log in once you’ve purchased your subscription plan. Once you’ve signed in, they’ll give you access to their downloads page where all the movies are listed. Just select which ones you want and scroll through until you find what you’re looking for — it’s that easy!

7. Potlocker.net movies are usually available in HD

If you’re looking to watch content on your television or mobile device, Potlocker.net’s downloads are usually available in HD, but the quality of the video depends on what plan you have (e.g., their cheapest plan will have the lowest quality of video). Their highest plan allows for 4K HD at a rate of $14.95 a month — but it also comes with advertisements that aren’t skippable (that’s why I recommend signing up for a free trial or buying the lifetime membership).

8. You can watch Potlocker.net movies on all your devices

If you have a computer and a traveling laptop, you can watch movies on airplanes. If you have a mobile device and tablet, you can watch movies at work or on the go. If you have a television at home, of course, you can watch movies for hours in your living room. The more plans you purchase (e.g., four different devices), the more access points you’ll be able to use — so be sure to read the fine print before deciding what plan to buy!

9. Potlocker.net movies make for a great gift

If you know someone who loves movies, Potlocker.net is a good place to go — especially if they have a computer and some of the devices described above. You can sign them up for a free trial or even send them year-long subscriptions as gifts, and in some instances, you can buy gift cards from retailers just like you would with any other service provider!

10. Potlocker.net movies are typically available at a cheap rate on other websites

While Potlocker.net is the best place to purchase movies, other websites such as Amazon, Google Play, Flixster and Vudu have a similar library of movies and are also great sources for downloading anything you want to watch. For example, if you wanted to continue watching “Thor” after its movie release this summer at Potlocker.net, it would cost you $14.


While some people prefer not to buy movies outside of the theater, Potlocker.net makes it easy and convenient to do so. Just remember that you’ll have to wait a few months before new releases are uploaded, but that’s only if they’re available on the site in the first place! Potlocker.net is a good place to start if you’re looking for a low-cost service provider, but there are other alternatives out there that you could use as well. 


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