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Slippery hands are never a good thing

A relationship meme is a design popularized on sites like Instagram to valorize positive romantic moments. They are often created in the caption of an image with text written over it, often with cute animated backgrounds. 

On Facebook, they are commonly posted by individuals who have made their accounts public for others to see. 

This is popular in many Chinese online communities because in China, most users prefer to be secretive about personal information.

The origins of these images are unknown. The earliest known relationship meme on Facebook was uploaded on January 30, 2012 with regards to the popular Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden”. 

User ah_jung uploaded a “Meteor Garden” quote referencing Lee Min Ho’s character, Zhang Yun Ling: “My heart is like a meteor. It will only stop when it hits you.” Other early examples of individual pairings include:

Here are some more points discussed about best dank relationship memes

1. Creativity.

As we know that Creativity is one of the most important part of a best relationship memes. We can see creativity and a sense of humor in these images and quotes. This Creativity and sense of Humor is very much needed for a Good Relationship. 

Creativity brings fun in your relationship, where you can share things with your partner which creates a space for more conversations, this way you will enjoy your relationship more.

2. Creates good memories.

When a couple shares similar memes then it creates a good memory for them, because they both enjoy it and many times they will remember these moments when they can remember these moments when they are sad. 

These moments make them happy and bring smiles on their faces. 

3. Relationship status.

Relationships require a big commitment and it brings lots of responsibility. Couple should always try to make their relationship the best love story, because love is everything for any couple and every couple wants to be the best couple among everyone. 

Relationship status should be good and should make both feel proud of themselves and help others to know about your relationship and helps other people to get motivated by you. 

4. Understanding & Empathy.

Both partners should share memes related to their relationship, it helps them understand each other better as well as give them the chance to communicate with each other more easily, where memes can help them convey what they feel better than words as memes are images which help people connect emotionally. 

So many people share best relationship memes on social networking sites because it helps them to understand each other better and helps them to communicate more easily.

5. Honesty.

When couples share funny quotes/images it shows that they trust each other and they are very honest with their feelings, where the best way to express your feelings is through a meme form of its easily understandable by both partners. 

Honesty is very much needed in a good relationship, because when you are always honest with your partner then you are never shy of expressing your feelings for it will make both happy as well as improve their relationship more. 

We should always try to express our feelings in the best way by using the best meme which helps us express our feelings better than words.

6. Makes the partner feel special & wanted.

When couples share similar memes it shows that they care about each other and makes them happy, it gives them the feeling that they are special to their partner.

Sharing the best relationship meme gives the feeling of encouragement among partners because when you share these moments with your partner then you can get motivated by each other. 

When you get motivated by your partner then it will help you solve all your problems. These creative memes make both partners feel special and it gives them the feeling that they are wanted by their partner.

7. A better understanding of inside jokes.

When you share these funny/romantic moments with your partner you will understand each other better, where the more you understand each other better, the more you will understand your partner’s feelings and can help each other to resolve any kind of problem. 

8. Avoid misunderstandings & conflicts between couples.

Sometimes couples misunderstand each other many things, but when you share these moments with your partner then it gives them the chance to understand your feelings better. 

So it reduces the misunderstandings and conflicts between couples. When you are expressing your feelings in the best way by sharing a meme with your partner then it helps to solve all your problems. 

9. Improve relationship understanding & trust.

When you share memes with your partner, then it shows that you trust them, where trust is very much needed for a good relationship, because if there is no trust in a relationship then there is nothing there.


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