What We Got Wrong About With a Crunch Word Whizzle.


What is the crunch word whizzle?

Crunch word whizzle is an alliterative game where a player takes the last letter of each word, and places them in a row. If you can spell the words “wizzle”, “crunch”, “whiz” and “word”, you win. Don’t let crunches have you missing out on important opportunities! To help avoid this from happening to you or your loved ones.

The first step is picking up fun novelty words that sound like your target search term. These are used as the base for all slang terms and abbreviations that may be used in other searches related to your business. Chances are your target customer is using these searches as well. Each time a new business venture is started, you need to follow this method in order to pick up fun, unique words related to your company and industry to boost your online presence.

So how do you find and use these types of words? 

You can do as I did while conducting a search for “word whizzle”, or you can start out with a few key phrases that describe what you are trying to accomplish with your business and see what comes up. You would be surprised at how many different ways people have found to abbreviate words related to the Internet and online marketing. You will also find many different names for the same thing, which is important to know when conducting your research. The other important step is to make sure the words you are trying to find are related to some kind of marketable category that solves a problem or satisfies a need. 

Some quick examples on how I did that during my research on this article:

I used the word “word” in many different variations, such as “word search”, “word bank” and so forth. By using this technique and finding words related to the business you are interested in, you or your marketing team may be able to use a variety of phrases that will generate interest and capture the interest of your target customer.

If you are trying to sell products of one kind or another, chances are you have a product’s name or description. You can also use these words by changing them around so that they stem from your business. You can find a considerable number of different ways to use the words you have in order to create a lot of interest in your target market.

The key to finding and using these kinds word whizzle rules is that they are related to your product or service, or industry as a whole. There is no limit to the amount of different words that can be used related to any given business, product or service. The more words you have available, the less likely you are going to have other search engines pick up your new word whizzles and you will get an edge on your competition for keywords. This will help generate more traffic for your site and increase profits for your business .

Best thing about the game:

One of the best things about this game is that it can be played as a contest, with prizes for best name and winning each round. You can do team games where you register your product names or service names with these rules and make it a contest for who can come up with the most crunches using the same word . 

Key to finding novelty words:

The key to finding novelty words is that they should be related to your business. If you find them on your own, use your search engine and try to find links or other mentions of these words in publications related to online marketing. Crunch words are used by other people, so there is a pretty good chance that you will find them online. If you cannot find a way to use the words that come up through your search engine, then save them for later.

You can also come up with your own crunches for most words and phrases related to your business. This will give you the ability to return to keywords that are commonly used in your industry and generate links, traffic and new profits from them.


The biggest advantage to using this keyword whizzle game is that you can use this as a marketing tool and generate new traffic, new business and profits from the words you are looking for. When creating your own crunches for keywords, make sure you make them related to your business. This will help boost your chances of finding the right words that will help you create traffic and increase profits with your online marketing activities. 


There are no disadvantages of using this keyword whizzle game on your website if it is used properly. There are advantages of using it in conjunction with other search engine optimization techniques to get more exposure for your products and services online. The only disadvantage of using this word game is that you will have to maintain it properly on your website or it will just become a waste.


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