Main characters of “why the hell are you here teacher” anime


Every anime has its main character, the one that we watch and comment on their life as it goes on. 

In the show “Why the hell are you here teacher” TV Tokyo made a school switch from one school to another so they could have a new series with the same characters. 

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The new show is focused around these two main characters who try to find meaning in their lives. They changed the characters’ names from the last anime into these.

From last anime:

Shinsuke Fujiwara into Shinsuke Fujiwaka or Shin for short. 

Minami Funakoshi changed her name to Minami Nagasawa and she is now called Nagasawa-sensei. 

Other characters include: Kiyokazu Misaki, Kazuya Yajima and Motoharu Oumi. 

All of these characters are played by different actors then from last year’s anime. 

The show is still very unique with a great story line that makes everyone want to watch it even more.

The show has many great fans now. Some people even say this show is better than last year’s anime. 

Here are some main characters discussed about “why the hell are you here teacher” anime-

1. Kurumi

She uses a lot of new gadgets that she gets for her cellphone but her problem is due to the fact that no one has time to get to know her. 

2. Yuki

He’s a world class player on the computer and gets fired from his job because he steals cookies from his boss’s daughter, ruining his reputation as a professional. 3. Kureha

She’s a famous idol but her problem is due to the fact that there are also famous idols in this new school. 

4. Rinka

She’s part of the student council and she wants the president to do things her way but she can’t argue with others, especially with her own brother.

5. Rui

She’s a pretty girl who becomes a teacher in this school that has a very strict circle of students. 

6. Sanae

She becomes her own student and immediately opens up to the world including the internet. 

7. Kotonoha

She’s really smart but she can’t write her own essays because she doesn’t know how to write so she buys papers from her neighbor for 3,000,000 yen each time so she can get an A on all of them which gives her a reputation of cheating.

8. Shika

She’s a very good athlete and she surprises people by winning all the medals in the sports competition. 

10. Ririka

She’s a famous idol but she only knows how to sing about love. 

11. Kousaka Keiichi

He became a teacher after his girlfriend who was also his childhood friend died. 

12. Kudo Shinichi “Shin” Sanada  (voiced by Rie Tanaka) 

He used to be a genius detective known as ‘The Golden Boy’ who solved many cases but he became unsure of himself because he was indecisive about his own future so he quit the force and now wants to become a teacher at this new school.

This show is all about finding who you really are and doing whatever it takes to get to that point. It tells us to be true to yourself and follow your dreams to the end.

The reason why this show is so popular with its viewers is because it has a lot of action in it and also because the main character tries to discover himself and his future.

Each episode has a lesson that is really important to learn about. 

Here are some of the lessons that are seen through the show:

  • It’s better to be yourself instead of trying to fit into society. 
  • Be careful of what you post on the internet because there are people out there who want to use it for evil intentions. 
  • If you know you are good at something make sure you leave it behind and focus on something else. 
  • When others insult you don’t try to fight with them because they are only saying it because they don’t like you at all.
  • Don’t go after what everyone else is doing because you will only become another copy. 
  • Always be yourself and if you feel like you can’t do it alone than ask others for help because they also want to discover themselves.

These are just a few lessons that we can see in this show but i’m sure there are others as well. 

The story goes on throughout the whole series and each episode is really different from the last one. 


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