eToro vs XM 2022 – Which is the better broker for you?


In 2009, XM Broker was established. At first, the business only provided intermediate services on the foreign exchange market, serving a small segment of the trader market. Since then, it has grown and achieved significant success. XM is reliable and secure. Due to its diversification, it is currently an international broker with operations in nearly 190 countries.

With its innovative technical solutions, XM Broker has drawn 3,5 million traders for more than ten years. The business is now recognized as the Best Forex Service Provider, the Fastest Growing Brokerage, and many other significant accomplishments. As part of their commitment to consistently providing clients with the finest service possible, the XM Broker team is focused on working hard every year to improve the quality of services offered.

An extremely well-liked electronic trading platform is the eToro broker. The organization, which was established in 2007, runs a social trading website and collaborates with traders from other nations. We find a major difference etoro vs xm is that ratings of etoro are higher than xm.



Overall Positives A broker with a licence

Trading mobile applications for smartphones

dependable investigation tools

Strictly regulated broker, with many licenses


broad spreads



excellent education

There are no additional non-trading costs assessed by the company.

massive Forex bonuses

The following trading opportunities are available to the traders: ready-made portfolios with automated diversification and a copy trading service

Free withdrawal and deposit

Clients’ funds for eToro are kept in US institutions that have the necessary licences.

Quick withdrawal

10k+ trading assets


Tickets are the sole way to contact customer service.

A comparison of their fees reveals that eToro’s fees are comparable to XM’s and that their products are comparable to each other.

The effort required to open an account at eToro is comparable to that at XM, the cash deposit procedures there are a little more difficult, and the reliability of customer care there is noticeably poorer than at XM. Pros and cons of etoro vs coinbase are described here.

According to our experts, eToro’s trading desk is marginally superior to XM’s system in that it gives customers access to more products and markets, whilst XM offers marginally superior training and scholarship.

Platforms and features

With more than 13,000,000 traders, online trading broker eToro is among the top 5 trading communities.

Millennial traders disregard the high current trading fees in Favour of the commission-free trading conditions offered by CopyTrader and Copy Portfolios. Neither automatic trading nor advanced trading solutions are supported by eToro. Through updated MT4/MT trading platforms, 

XM serves more than 3,500,000 members and offers them a competitive marketplace. One of the most competitive multi-assets CFD brokers currently available has a trader-friendly pricing structure, great research and education, and a large bonus scheme.

Current Markets

49 currency pairings and 93 cryptocurrency pairs are available to forex investors at eToro. In the latter, eToro is towards the top whereas in the latter it is near the bottom. 57 currency pairs are accessible to clients on XM, but no cryptocurrency pairs.

Comparing eToro’s 31 products and 13 index CFDs versus XM’s 15 and 28, together eToro provides more than 2,000 equity CFDs opposed to XM’s 1,243. Although eToro still offers a wider range of assets, XM is a better option for investors who Favour Currency and index CFDs due to its superiority in those markets. eToro excels in the cryptocurrency market.

Common Spreads and Charges

To offset its commission-free Forex trading atmosphere, eToro has a pricing structure being above average. For currency pairs, the lowest difference is one pip. Although commission-free stock trading is advertised, it only applies to unleveraged buy orders. Otherwise, there is a charge of 0.09 per cent. For stock trades, XM has a minimum markup of 0.6 pip and a price point of $1–$9.00.  etoro vs coinbase  both offer copy trading to make money.

Both brokers apply exchange rates to stretched overnight positions and pass aspects of the company on to their clients. 

Trust and Safety

The most reputable online brokers with a spotless regulatory history and just enough experience are eToro and XM. The former has been there since 2007 and plans to go public in 2021. Since 2009, the latter has been in business. Three Tier 1 regulators monitor eToro, which conducts business in the US as a Money Services Business registered with FinCEN. 

Five authorities continue to oversee XM, and it offers its customers a more conducive environment for trade. At both eToro and XM, client deposits are still completely separated. Where required, negative balance protection is used.


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