NordFX Review: Best Copy Traders in 2022


The NordFX broker provides its clients with a passive income through its copy trades service. The business offers a unique platform. Despite being somewhat modest, the NordFX copy trading network has some valuable features for traders. The platform is described here, along with how duplicating NordFX transactions operates, the options the service provides for selecting a trader, and how to subscribe to a trader.

Your success in online trading depends on having a trustworthy and competent broker. Be sure your broker is genuine and dedicated to preventing losing your cash. Check to see whether your needs and your broker’s profile match for you to have a successful working relationship.

For this reason, we took the time to examine only the top brokerage firms, their procedures, fee structure, and all other crucial factors. We urge you to weigh the pros and cons of each broker before entrusting your hard-earned money to them. This NordFX review is intended to be helpful. According to the etoro copy trading review It’s a higher APY than most crypto staking platforms. It’s also a higher interest rate than offered by the best crypto interest accounts.

This NordFX platform review is pretty thorough. Please take the time to read and thoroughly research the NordFX evaluation if you have any interest in dealing with them.

Before using the NordFX trading tools and making deposits, we’ve done our best to clearly explain the ins and outs of financial trading through the NordFX platform so that you, the trader, are as knowledgeable as possible.

Online investing carries the same risk as any other offline investment. As with any investment, it’s crucial to understand and thoroughly study the business you’re working with. When dealing with financial assets, such as forex, with NordFX. You should believe in NordFX and be assured that your financial investments are being managed responsibly on the NordFX platform.

There are some excellent NordFX substitutes listed at the bottom of this review.

We hope that this NordFX review will enable you to determine whether NordFX is a good fit for you. The idea that trading online is simple is a prevalent one. Trading online is challenging, and traders need to research and understand precisely what they are doing. You will discover crucial details about NordFX in this post, which will aid you in starting your online trading career on the right foot.

Security and Regulation

NordFX offers customers a well-regulated company. I usually advise traders to look for regulation and confirm it with the regulator by cross-referencing the given license with their database. The possibility of fraud and malpractice will be reduced when trading with a regulated broker.

I admire the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission’s overall regulatory framework. Furthermore, NordFX has over 13 years of expertise, making it a reliable and secure broker.

I would want to see either membership with the Hong Kong-based Financial Commission or a third-party insurance policy covering customer deposits as an additional measure of precaution.


A more expensive commission-free Forex account or a reasonably priced commission-based alternative are the two options for traders. Spreads for the former begin at 0.9 pip or $9.00 for a 1.0 standard lot. The latter displays a minimum of 0.0 pip for a commission of $7.00, while the markup is typically 0.3 pip, bringing prices to $10.00 each. In line with industry standards, index CFDs charge 0.05 per cent every round trip compared to 0.20 per cent for equities CFDs. In etoro copy trading review eToro charges a single, simple, and transparent fee of 1% for buying or selling crypto.

The platform for Trading NordFX MT

Swap rates on leveraged overnight positions are among the most frequently disregarded trading expenses.

On short bets in the EUR/USD, NordFX offers a positive swap, resulting in traders’ payments. Depending on the trading technique, it can be the most significant trade fee. I advise traders to look them over before calculating their overall trading expenses. On the firm’s website, there is a clear listing of all the trading terms, and the MT4 interface lists the trading hours.

The commission-based NordFX account’s trading costs for buying and selling the EUR/USD, holding the trade for one night and seven nights, are shown below. After a year of inactivity, there is a $20 annual inactivity fee. I think it’s okay, and active traders will never have to pay this.


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