Heroin and Its Unlimited Addictive Qualities – Important Ones to Know!


While most of us are aware of heroin abuse and addiction and the many of its impacts, there are several misunderstandings and myths surrounding the drug. There are misconceptions about its origin, what it can do to the mind and body, and also doubts concerning the many ways in which one can use and even abuse it. Many also have false impressions about the symptoms of heroin withdrawal and the treatments required for addiction freedom. 

Heroin Addiction and Its Many forms 

Like several other drugs in this category, heroin causes a specific set of actions on the body and the brain. Heroin abuse can affect just about anyone, ranging from the rich and famous to someone who has run out of luck! It has long-lasting repercussions on people and the communities they are a part of. However, there are treatment options available in the form of drug detox for those struggling with heroin addiction issues. 

Short Term Risks of Heroin Abuse 

Abusing heroin is associated with several impacts including physical and psychological. According to the facts furnished by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, some of the more common short term impacts of drug abuse include the inability to focus properly, floating in and out of consciousness, palpitations, and arrhythmia, decrease in the rate of perspiration, low blood pressure, dryness in mouth, anxiety and even depression. 

Some of these symptoms may be important markers to signal the need for a Tennessee Drug Rehab center. If you are on heroin and witnessing one or many of these symptoms, it’s time to seek help. You can perhaps reach out to a hotline for addiction and discuss your problems in complete privacy. 

The longer one consumes heroin, the graver are its impacts. 

Long Term Health Complications of Heroin Addiction 

When heroin is consumed over a longer period of time, there are multiple impacts on one’s health, some of which might require immediate medical intervention. Common ones include:

  1. Heart diseases of various types. 
  2. Collapsed veins and problems concerning circulatory systems may occur. 
  3. Lung problems may include severe pneumonia in some cases. 
  4. In some cases, heroin may cause cognitive damage as well as loss. 
  5. The drug may cause long-term toxicity. This may lead to liver and kidney damage. 
  6. In extreme cases, overconsumption of heroin can lead to coma, death, stoppage in breathing, and so on. 

Ideally, heroin addiction problems need to be addressed when they remain in short term. You should not wait for the problems to compound over many years and result in health complications. 

How to Instantly Detect Heroin Overdose 

Besides the short-term or long-term implications of heroin addiction, there are some signs and signals to look out for to detect drug overdose. You need to look out for signs like pinpoint pupils, bluish coloring in the lips and fingertips, discoloration in the tongue, a weak pulse, confusion and delirium, stomach cramping and spasms, and even unconsciousness and sleepiness in some cases.


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