How Do You Choose the Right BMX Bike for You?


Racing and stunts are best performed on BMX bikes. These are off-road bikes found in different varieties as per their ability to handle actions, racing, freestyle, dirt jump, and more. 

BMX bikes feature a simple frame and can run on rugged terrains as well as handle enormous loads. Road bikes and mountain bikes would never do any such thing. Small and stockier than most bikes, BMX bicycles use thick tires for absorbing shock and offer improved traction. These bikes majorly fall under two classes as per your motive of using them.

Check out the types of bikes and see which one suits your purpose:

1. Freestyle BMX Bikes

These styles often come with 20-inch wheels and a high tube measuring about 20 to 22 inches. They are rarely available with brakes. Even if they do, you will find straight cable brakes in them. As flanges may come in the way of elaborate tricks, the designers did away with these bicycle parts while adding grips. 

Flatland – Flatland riders balance and spin their bikes on a smooth, flat surface, such as concrete and asphalt. They also stand on their vehicles to perform stunts. Therefore, their bikes have shorter wheelbase frames.

Street – This bike riding involves riding on and through artificial hurdles like handrails, poles, ledges, steps, architectural oddities and curved walls. For street biking, use bikes with steel cylinders called pegs that bolt onto the wheels and allow the riders to grind rails. It would be best if you had a 14-mm rear axle for running pegs as it is thicker than a 3/8 inches axle you see on a race bike and can handle the forces that the pegs exert.

Vert – In this form of bike riding, you may use a couple of half-pipes kept apart for performing tricks or 20-feet high ramps. For vert walls, use a small chainring, which reduces the chances to hang up on the coping so that you can utilise gravity to the fullest to perform intricate tricks.

Park – The skatepark is ideal for you if you love some adventure in your life and can modify your riding style according to the park’s makeup. 

2. Race and Dirt Jump Bikes

Watching BMX bikes race and dirt jump is thrilling, and so is participating in one of them. Riders practice dirt jumping on a line of jumps made of compact earth. If you have to fly from one jump to another, you need to guarantee that the bike lacks front brakes and has 24-inch wheels, each having 36 spokes.

But at the same time, the ride should be comfortable and safe (you have to avoid colliding with other bikes on the track). Therefore, the vehicle’s seat is padded, and so are bars to take care of the rider if an accident happens. The lengthy and super-strong frame also provides stability and protection to the driver. The tires come with a double or triple layer for racing. 

If this article helps you pick out a great new BMX bike, put on the helmet, and surf your local area. Who knows, you might discover a dirt track or a park somewhere close by.


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