Why Learning Stick Shift Lesson Is The Need Of The Hour To Overcome Today’s Driving Challenges?


Driving an automatic car might seem like a simple task or a fun-filled activity for most people. However, driving in different conditions, adverse climate, scary roads, hilly or slippery areas, not just severely compromise the safety of the car but also the driver and people inside the car. Most accidents that happen nowadays are the result of inadequate knowledge of stick shift lessons which build up the inability among drivers to handle the vehicle in extremely difficult road-driving situations.

Challenges faced by drivers when don’t have the awareness of important stick shift lessons

Having no experience in stick shift can make it riskier even for an experienced senior driver to overcome the driving challenges, for instance, water-logged conditions, heavy rain or snow, and driving on hills. The technically complicated challenges associated with driving are predominantly mental challenges, like overcoming hazards on the roadway (extreme rainfall or snow) or managing multi-tasks at the same time (driving and focusing on the next move of other drivers, or control steering simultaneously using brakes or horns). 

So, what does it take to become a pro driver and overcome driving challenges safely? What are the physical skills required for safe and pro driving?

The clear cut answer is- Learning stick shift lessons from Manhattan Beach driving school. Knowing how to drive manual transmission in-built vehicle controlling skills in the driver and prevent accidents. There are many benefits to learning how to drive stick shift from a professional tutor of a reputed driving school. However, many of the skills required for driving stick shift are taken for granted considering the thought of controlling the complete vehicle alone. 

  • Gear shifting reduces the probability of distractions

Driving a manual car is all about shifting gears and because you have to constantly control the gear shifter, and focus your attention on driving safely. Moreover, texting or calling while driving a stick shift is a lot more difficult when your other hand is occupied with shifting gears. Thus, Manhattan Beach driving school instructors polish your gear shifting skills so you will not get distracted by anything that comes on the road.

  • Able to drive any vehicle

If you get a hands-on stick shift, nothing can stop you from driving any other cars in the world. Stick shift makes a driver all-rounder. Those who know how to drive stick shift vehicles are able to drive any car, truck, SUV, and high-end vehicle around the world. Isn’t it a valuable skill that every driver should know to overcome the driving challenges of different vehicles? Also, if you like to travel around the world, your knowledge of driving a stick shift helps you in other nations as well.

  • Feel more in turn with the vehicle

A manual driver will have far more control over key aspects of driving such as speed, gear shifting, and braking when operating a manual transmission vehicle. As a result, the driver will feel more connected to the vehicle and help to become a safe and responsible driver.

Learning practical lessons of stick shift directly from Manhattan Beach driving school tutors is a pretty rewarding experience of a lifetime. In order to avoid any sort of challenges while driving on roads in poor climatic conditions or damaged or water-slippery roads, having excellence on stick shift can prove to be your lifesaver lessons. 


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