Knowing These 8 Secrets About Make Your Guild War Factions


Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing like gw2 wiki\ game that was released on August 28, 2012. The game has no subscription fee and you only have to buy the game once for a one time payment. Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is set in a fantasy world, the games combat is fast paced, tactical and involves cooperation between players to defeat enemies.

The eight secrets about making your guild war factions are:


This is a list of all the members of the same nation.  These are the members who have to join your guild. Warlist is a list of all the members within a player’s nation and the amount of power they have. If a player leaves or joins another nation, their warlist will be updated automatically by an action that players can perform. An example: after a player joins another guild, it will update at their earliest to show that people are related as if they were still in that guild. A player can also manually add or remove people from their warlist by right clicking them on the map and selecting ‘War List’ or ‘Add Member’ respectively.


This is used to display the warlist for a specific guild and can also be used to add people that are not in your warlist as friends. It is possible to use the warlock action within an enemy guild to directly attack their members. This can be useful if you do not have enough power in your warlist or cannot see them on the map. This is not an automatic system and requires much more time than just clicking on someone. You will have to manually target, attack, kill and repeat this until they are defeated.


This is what you get as rewards for defeating enemies. Each guild has two different types of units that can be created by the guild master. Most of the time, you will not have access to these unless they are optional missions in a story line. The guild units can be used to attack other guilds and are most useful in wars.  The number of units available depends on how many people are in your war list and if they are online at the time.


Only members of your own nation can vanquish others from your nation and vice versa . If a Guild Master joins another nation, they can only vanquish their own members. Vanquishes are a good way of getting power when the war list is updated or you have enough power to vanquish someone. The vanquish action can also be used on an enemy guild member to show them that they are vulnerable to an attack.


This action is used when holding a flag in a RvR map and will allow you to capture it or allow the enemy to capture it if you are the last remaining guild force defending your flag. This will be displayed both on the map and in game by a red flag and may also be displayed in chat as a message that is sent to all members of the guild.


These are places where guilds can congregate for RvR battles or other activities. If two guilds or more meet up in one of these locations, they will automatically start a war if both sides agree to do so. These can only be done within your side’s nation but only if the warlist is updated before you reach these locations. It is possible to build these dungeon gates within your own guild castle and once someone has finished construction, it will become available for all members of your nation to use. (This requires a lot of work and coordination between all guild members)


These are the only places within your nation that you can use to perform an upgrade on yourself or your nation. These upgrades will make you more powerful and increase the rate of victory for players. The Guild Hallway of Heroes is divided up into three floors that have events for different types of players. The lower levels have easy events for beginners, middle levels have medium level missions and the high level ones require a higher level to participate in them. Each floor has a different minimum level requirement. (These upgrades require a lot of slots)  ( Can also get these from guild wars 2 store  )


These are the walls that surround your nation from other players. They are used to protect your nation from outside forces that try to encroach on your territory. The more upgrades that you have for these, the better chance you have of defending against enemy attacks. It is also possible to upgrade them by using the command ‘Guild Upgrade Nation Walls’ The higher the level those walls are, the harder they will be to destroy by enemy forces.


GW2 is a game that requires a lot of teamwork and coordination between different guild members in order to be successful. There is a lot of work involved as it can be challenging to learn the in depth game play, especially if you are a new player.  The first step to any guild war is to use the War List. This will give you an idea of who you’ll need to help your guild with their attacks and defense. Learn the different types of upgrades, they will allow you to build higher level walls and defend against enemies forces that are trying to take over your territory.


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