Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse
gaming mouse

For many of us gamers, the mouse is more than a pointing device – it’s an extension of our hands. And as such, we want our mouse to be as powerful and ergonomic as possible. Fortunately for us, there are a number of clever tricks you can do with your gaming mouse to maximize your performance.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can improve your gaming by either customizing your device or trying some ingenious hacks: from reducing strain on your wrist by switching grips or increasing flexibility in the tips of your fingers with a gel pad to improving accuracy and reducing stress on joints by angling the top end upwards or using a wireless version instead. Ibuypower standard gaming mouse is convenient, but it can be made more comfortable and effective in many different ways.

Here’s a collection of tips you can use to make your mouse fit better, feel better, and improve your performance.

1. Angle Your Mouse Upwards

One of the most common problems that gamers face is carpal tunnel syndrome – a condition in which an excessive amount of pressure is placed on key nerve bundles located in the wrist and hands. This occurs when the user bends his wrist downwards to reach keys on the keyboard, essentially stretching the small nerve fibers. And for most gamers, this problem leads to a host of debilitating symptoms including pain and numbness that severely affect their gaming performance.

An upward-angled mouse will help alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome and at the same time provide an ergonomic typing experience. A wireless gaming mouse also works well because you’re not in direct contact with the desk/mouse pad. And even if you use a wired mouse (which is definitely preferable), at least you can move away from your desk whenever you need to! To achieve this, the most commonly used advice is to tilt your mouse upwards until it reaches the level of your wrist.

2. Change Your Grip

Most gamers use their right hand to control the mouse, but this can lead to wrist strain and discomfort. To reduce this stress and strain, you should try different grips. There are three main ways in which you can hold the mouse: The palm grip involves holding your mouse with your entire hand while only using a light touch on its buttons. This approach will reduce stress on your wrist and fingers, but if used for extended periods of time it could make your hands feel fatigued. However, because it is a relaxed grip, this will allow you greater control over the cursor and make gaming more enjoyable.

The claw grip involves holding the mouse with your fingers pressed lightly against the buttons and being curled inward. This will provide you with a faster response time and makes it easier to make small adjustments rather than large ones. The downside is that this approach will put more pressure on the wrist and slightly reduce movement accuracy.

The fingertip grip involves placing your index finger on the left button, your thumb on the right button, and using only your fingertips to control the cursor. This approach puts great strain on both the wrist and hands, but using a higher-quality mouse can reduce this problem greatly. Also, if you find yourself experiencing stress or discomfort in your hand while using this grip, then try relaxing your hand before gripping too tightly.

3. Customize Your Gaming Mouse

The most obvious benefit that a gaming mouse can provide is comfort. The best way to achieve this is to customize your mouse. And with most mice, you can do so by simply removing some covers and changing the grip designs. However, if you want a more serious customization, you will need to buy a specialist gaming mousepad or cloth (this method will only work on mice that have extra buttons). And while they are expensive, they are very effective in reducing strain on your hands and fingers by giving your hand a unique surface area to rest on when it operates the mouse.

4. Ergonomic Mouse Mats

One of the most effective customizations for a mouse is to change its grip area. If you’re using a gaming mouse, then the best way to do this is by using an ergonomic mouse mat or cloth. Ergonomic mats and cloth are available from various manufacturers and are designed specifically with the comfort of gamers in mind (you can check out some examples on Amazon). These products have different designs like semi-circles or bumps that provide users with a unique surface area for their fingers and thumb to rest on.


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