If you operate a business that caters to customers via email and best buy video interview, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to optimize the success of those emails. The end goal? To increase click-through rates, open rates and sales conversions.

This article will provide some quick tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

1. Include a CTA in all emails

Studies have shown that an explicit call to action (CTA) is what drives the most sales conversions. When you include a CTA in your email signature, it makes it easy for readers to click.

Also, if you are using A/B testing tools such as Google Analytics or ClickTale, you’ll want to be sure that your testing includes the option for “opt in”. This ensures that you’ve received consent from recipients before sending them emails and also ensures that they’re opted in upon receipt of the email.

2. Don’t forget the headline

After your subject line, your headline should be brief and simply state what readers should expect within your body of text.

3. Make each email unique

Include an interesting and unique logo in your signature that redirects visitors to a page where they can sign up to receive more content from you. Also, keep relevant tabs open within your browser so that you’re always ready to click when a new email arrives. If you can’t think of one on the spot, there’s an online tool called Unbounce for this (currently in Beta). You simply host your own website and then Unbounce turns it into an automated mailing system. So all you have to do is create a simple html form and enter the list of addresses in which you want emails sent. 

4. Inform your readers about promotions

Users that subscribe to your email list are looking for a reason to rarely check their inbox. Being able to let them know about anything new and exciting that you have going on is another great way to earn their trust in you. Use words like “discount,” “update” and “announcement” when writing these types of emails.

5. Include freebies!

Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff? If your business is well known, then give people a little something extra just for signing up to receive your content (especially if they’re already in a buying mood). This will help you to stand out from the rest of the competition.

6. Provide other ways to reach you

Include a link at the bottom of your emails that will redirect users to another page on your website. The more ways that they can contact you, the better.

7. Personalize!

If you have an email list with thousands of addresses, it is nearly impossible to personalize every single message that goes out, but within many industries (especially retail) consumers tend to prefer receiving messages that are personalized for them or otherwise customized for their individual needs and preferences. It’s like adding a personal touch.

8. Test!

If you’ve never A/B tested an email campaign before, please do so now. At the very least, you should test your subject line and see which one works best. The same goes for your CTA button. Use the tool that works best for you and then test out different options to see which one yields a higher conversion rate.

9. Add links to your existing online presence

This tip is easy enough: Add a link to each of your social media accounts within your signatures and on any forms that you may have online as well (such as on your contact page).

10. Be consistent

If you make a promise to deliver information to your subscribers once a week, do so consistently or else it becomes much harder to gain their trust because they’ll assume you’re not reliable. This can be detrimental in the long run.

11. Don’t spam!

This is probably one of the most important tips that we can offer, so please take note: It’s extremely important that you don’t spam your subscribers with irrelevant (or worse, repetitive) content. If your emails are not relevant to what they signed up for (or even if it includes too much information) then you run the risk of displeasing and frustrating your customers – and that’s never a good idea.

12. Avoid over-saturation

Your customers are on their email all day long. Therefore, if you bombard them with too many messages throughout the day, you’ll be diluting your influence and trustworthiness. If you must send more than one email per day, try to spread them out into different periods of the day.

13. Include a permalink in every email

It is important that your readers are able to find the specific information that they’re looking for almost instantly when they open your emails. Be sure to include a permalink in each email so that they can find relevant information quickly and easily (without having to search for it). 


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