10 Easy Ways To Facilitate Fitness Blogs


Our favorite time of day is when we can get our workout done, pick up our kids from school, and still have time to make dinner. Its Planet fitness app download is a prime example of how we can make the most out of our time! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing ten different ways to keep up with your fitness blogs with minimal effort and maximum results. 

We’re talking easy stuff, like putting together a playlist to listen to while you exercise, or setting alarms in your phone for regular workouts. Trust us; these are simple actions that add up and make a big difference. Here are 10 easy ways to facilitate your fitness blogs :

1) Find your favorite time of day to workout : 

Maybe you like to get your workout done early in the morning, before the rest of your family wakes up. Or maybe late at night is more convenient for you because the gym is less busy. Whatever time works for you, make a plan and stick with it. Here are some tips on maximizing your workout time .

2) Make a list of what you need to complete that day : 

You may need to grab a pen, some water and be ready to get started. Have a list on the fridge or make one up using a notebook. This will help you remember what you need as well as plan your day, which can be very helpful in getting your workouts done. Here are some tips on making sure you don’t forget anything at home .

3) Don’t forget to schedule lunch : 

When it’s time to eat, don’t think that because you’ve just paid the gym for the month that you can skip the extra few minutes at lunch. By setting aside time for eating after your workout, you’ll get more done during the day. And you’ll be motivated to keep up your diet and workout plan, because you know that if you do, you can have an extra snack or dessert. Here are some tips on eating small snacks throughout the day .

4) Plan your workouts around appointments : 

Do you have a dental appointment or hair appointment on Mondays? If so, you can schedule your Monday workout for Saturday because it’s the weekend. Try to avoid scheduling appointments during the week, since this is when it’s best to get exercise in. Also, if there are appointments that can’t be moved at all during the week, try to move your workout time earlier or later, so that it doesn’t cut into your time scheduled for exercise. Here are some tips on fitting workouts into a very busy schedule .

5) Make your workouts fit into the rest of your day : 

It’s easy to throw on a pair of sweats and sneakers before heading out the door and going straight to the gym. However, this can make your workout one more hassle that you have to get done during your day. Instead, think about how you can integrate your fitness into other activities during the day : try walking or running during lunch, add an upper body workout during commercial breaks while watching TV, etc. Here are some tips on working out in the office .

6) Plan your workout on the weekends : 

Since this is when you have more time to workout, it’s best to schedule workouts for the weekends. If you do this, you’ll spend your whole Saturday and Sunday working out. And since it’s only one day a week, it won’t eat up all of your free time. Here are some tips on working out in the afternoon .

7) Make a plan for socializing : 

If you have a hard time getting enough exercise during the week, it’s even harder to fit during the weekend. This is because you’ve got more of your social time scheduled. To get around this, schedule social time only in the morning and early afternoon. Then you won’t have to sacrifice workouts during the evening or weekend – you’ll just need to find creative ways to fit your exercise into what’s left of your free time. Here are some tips on exercising in a group .

8) Take advantage of multi-tasking : 

Watching TV or reading is a common activity for downtime at home. However, if you’re trying to squeeze in extra fitness, try doing them while walking on an incline, doing lunges and squats, etc. This can be a great way to get some extra steps in and not miss anything while you’re doing it. Here are some tips on watching TV while getting fit .

9) Look at your ‘must do’ list : 

Your most important tasks should align with your health and fitness goals. If they don’t, then you may need to re-prioritize your to-do list and make sure that things like “call the dentist about my tooth ache” fall lower than “get more sleep.” When you’re done with your list, mark the things that are really important for you to do. And then schedule them around your workout times. Here are some tips on top health and fitness priorities .

10) Make one change at a time : 

You may find that it’s hard to schedule everything around your fitness needs – this is because fitness takes up a good amount of time. However, if you try to focus on one area of wellness at a time, things will get easier. For example, if you want to start walking more, try making small goals like setting aside one day a week for walking or setting aside 20 minutes twice each week for walking.


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