This post will explain how to navigate the waters of job recruitment websites of indeed warner robins.

We are going to be exploring how they work, how you can gain maximum exposure on them, what you need to do in order to secure interviews and which details you need in order for them to accept your resume.

We will also give a step by step guide on improving the effectiveness of your profile, CV and cover letter.

Furthermore we are going over the importance of having an internet presence.

1. Why you should use job recruitment websites

a. They are free

b. You can find jobs that aren’t listed anywhere else e.g. other job sites, newspapers, yellow pages etc…

c. Job recruitment websites have some of the highest traffic and are very user friendly which means that finding a job and securing interviews will be a lot easier than with any other method

d. Job recruitment websites also cater for people who aren’t actively looking for jobs i.e unemployed or students and therefore allow you to find out about companies you may be interested in anyway (or companies looking for people to fill temporary positions)

e. You can see exactly what skills are required for the job and whether or not you have the required amount of experience

f. You can use the job recruitment websites to find employers registered on the site in order to make personal recommendations to them

g. Job recruitment websites allow you to have a profile, CV and cover letter etc… so they can be accessed by employers who don’t necessarily advertise positions on the site

h. You are given a chance to apply directly for the position without going through an agency or having any other third party being involved

2. What is an online profile? Well it’s basically a resume, with your contact details and a description or summary of your abilities and expertise in certain areas.

3. What is a CV? A CV (or, colloquially, c.v.) is a list of information about you and your skills and experience that employers can use to find a job for you.

4. What is a Cover letter? A cover letter is an optional supplementary document for the application that accompanies your resume. Your job recruitment website can help provide advice on whether your cover letter needs to be improved in order to make it more convincing and give you the best shot at securing interviews from employers.

5. What is a resume? A resume is a collection of information about you, your skills and experiences. It can be used to present your skills and experience, as well as an overview of your career history.

6. What is an Internet presence? An Internet presence is the web page that you maintain in order to be found by companies who are looking for candidates to hire

7. Why do you need an online profile? Your job recruitment website should be able to give you advice on how to make the most out of it and if it looks like something employers would find useful

8. Why do you need a CV? Your job recruitment website should be able to provide you with advice on how to make your CV or resume stand out and attract the employers attention

9. Why do you need a cover letter? Your job recruitment website should be able to give you advice on how to make your cover letter stand out and get your foot in the door

10. What are online profile, CVs and cover letters? Online profiles, CVs and Cover letters are essential tools in securing interviews with employers via job recruitment websites and without them you won’t have any chance at all of gaining employment.

11. What information can you provide about yourself on a job recruitment website? Following is an example of an online profile that is created using the online tool (a well known jobs site).

12. How do you gain exposure on job recruitment platforms? As well as posting your resume and video, it is advisable to upload relevant information about yourself to your profile e.g skills, education etc… You should also include any relevant links to personal or corporate websites in order to show that you are more than just another unemployed person asking for money on the streets.

13. What makes your profile stand out? The more information you add about yourself and your education and experience, the more likely it is for an employer to contact you. Try to make sure that all the information you provide on your job recruitment platform is clear and easy to read so employers don’t have to spend too much time trying to find out about you. You may also be asked questions regarding particular skills or experiences e.g. how do you feel your previous work experience in customer service training has contributed to your knowledge of managing a team of people?

14. What format does your profile need to be in? Your profile is basically a resume, which means that you should keep it professional and make sure that it looks as good as possible. Remember that employers do not want to be put off by a poor looking CV or cover letter so make sure you spend enough time making it look just right.

15. What information should your personal profile contain? You can include a description or summary of yourself as well as your important details such as your contact details and an image of yourself (which is optional)


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