Ten Wallpapers That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Wall Paper
Wall Paper

We all know that there are a plethora of cool desktop wallpaper sites on the internet, but sometimes they are just not enough. Wallpapers can be incredibly important; they can change your mood, make you more productive, less serious and much more chilled. What does ijwmnhrnshcftsoom mean? It’s not important. We will show you some totally awesome wallpaper collections to spice up your desktop in no time! 

A while ago, we ran a competition and asked you to email us your favorite wallpaper. We received way more than we were anticipating so this time round, we’ve taken a look through everything you sent us with our own personal choice of the best. All of these wallpapers are totally awesome and they’re all available for your desktop, there are no catches at all. Just click on the image to download it. We hope you enjoy them.

Ten Wallpapers That Will Actually Make Life Better :

1. Simple geometric wallpaper

If you aren’t too keen on pictures with lots going on, then this is the perfect collection for you. These ten simple geometric wallpapers are great and they’re really not as dull as they look. They come in a variety of colors and are all easy to download, so you can stick them on your desktop in no time.

2. 3D clouds wallpaper

We all like a bit of cloud porn now and again – or maybe that is just us – but this 3D clouds series is certainly awesome. There are a few different ones here, but we particularly like Rainbow Road. It’s so simple but yet so effective.

3. Clean abstract wallpaper

This geometric wallpaper series is very clean and fresh, we particularly like the gray/blue/green combo because it is different to the usual colors you find on Windows wallpapers. Download all five of these wallpapers and you can really change up your desktop in an instant.

4. Panoramic landscape wallpaper

We are big fans of the panoramic landscape, but we don’t often see them in a wallpaper form; usually they are photos of landscapes that are wide enough to cover your entire screen (known as ‘panoramic photography’). This really cool wallpaper series is available in all color combinations, but we particularly like the red/blue combination.

5. Postcard-themed wallpaper series

We have all received postcards, either good or bad, but now you can show them off on your desktop! This postcard-themed wallpaper series has a few to choose from and they are all totally awesome. We particularly like the three up-to-date ones that feature San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Download them for free today!

6. Abstract wallpaper with pretty colors

We love abstract photos, especially when they include patterns and shapes within them; it makes them seem more realistic somehow. This photograph is an awesome example of that. We particularly like the bright colors in the wallpaper and it makes us think of summer; we wish we were down on the beach right now!

7. Abstract wallpaper with bits of geometry

We really went nuts over this geometric photo, it’s totally awesome, colorful and complex at the same time. What’s not to love? We especially like the way that it looks zoomed out a bit, but you still get a sense of what is going on within it. Download this one in normal and large sizes, so you can have your pick of whichever version you prefer.

8. Abstract wallpaper with moving geometric shapes

We are big fans of this awesome abstract wallpaper. It’s all one colour and has a few different geometric shapes moving around within it, kind of like the cool screensaver you get on your Mac. Download it and set it as your background; you’ll find that it is incredibly cool to look at, especially if you stare into the middle for a bit.

9. Motion photo of a city skyline at night

We really like this motion photo. It’s all black and white, but the motion within it makes up for that completely. It shows a massive city skyline, which looks very futuristic. We particularly like the red dot in the center that you can spot from afar. You can download it in normal and large sizes, so you choose which one you prefer.

10. Motion photo of a city out in the wild

This motion photo is totally awesome because it doesn’t feature any trees or buildings; rather it shows a futuristic city. We love how the colours have been chosen for this photo; there are lots of different shades of grey and yellow within it, making it seem high-tech and cool at the same time. The trees in the distance are a nice touch as well.


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