The Benefits Of Providing Free Health Care For Your Staff Members.

Health Care

If you are the owner of a small business then it can be incredibly difficult recruiting the best kind of people to work for you. It is a very competitive business environment and so the larger companies with the much bigger budgets are able to attract clients much more easily than you can. This is why you have to do whatever is possible to get the best people to want to come to work for you and in order for that to happen, you need to offer them something else that they can’t get elsewhere. One thing that you should consider is taking out some kind of free healthcare plan for your staff members so that their health is always a priority and that can have a positive knock-on effect for your business.

By providing a health care policy for your staff members, you are encouraging them to actively check if their health is good and these policies may also cover workplace flu vaccinations which is particularly important this year. We have experienced many health issues with regards to the Covid pandemic and so this winter it’s likely we are going to get hit by both it and the flu. You do not want your staff taking multiple days off sick and so it makes a lot more sense to make sure that they get the proper kinds of vaccinations.

If you’re not sure if this is a financial commitment that you want to make then the following are just some of the many benefits for providing free healthcare for your staff.

  • You attract the best employees – Many millennials are moving away from the pursuit of wealth when it comes to their jobs and many want to have a work life balance that allows them to get a liveable salary while also spending a lot more quality time with their family members. These may be the people that you want to attract to your company and so you need to offer them something else that other businesses do not. Providing them with free healthcare is a fantastic way to attract and to keep the most qualified employees.
  • Less sick days off – Employers lose literally millions of dollars every single year from employees taking time off for sickness. If you offer them free healthcare which encourages them to get their flu vaccinations, get a body detox and many other things, then the likelihood of them getting ill reduces quite significantly. The lesser days off that they take means that productivity goes up and so do profits. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.
  • Higher staff motivation – It can be incredibly difficult keeping your staff motivated at all times and so if they are feeling unhappy about something in particular then it does affect their motivation and the deathly does affect their productivity. Staff just want to be taken care of and to be appreciated and so if you offer them free healthcare in the workplace then this will be sufficient motivation for them to give their job their 100% best effort every single time.
  • You get a tax break – While this wouldn’t be your main motivation for putting such a policy in place, it is a positive outcome from doing so. Governments offer tax breaks for employers who offer free healthcare for their staff and so in the general scheme of things and with the right accountant, providing free healthcare for your staff could end up costing you very little. It will also help to save you money because you won’t have to take in part-time employees to make up the shortfall when it comes to time off due to illness.
  • It shows that you care – Staff needs to see that both management and owners appreciate their efforts and what better way to show that than to put free healthcare into place for all of them. If they had any doubts in the past about your motivations and what you really thought about your staff then this should answer their questions.

Hopefully these five benefits can give you food for thought and hopefully encourage you to take out free workplace health care for all of your staff members. It means that they will get themselves checked at least once a year for any health issues and get their flu vaccination, and so this should reduce the number of times that they take time off for sickness leave.


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