Things To Consider Before You Get Your Eyelash Extensions In Ipswich


Having a full set of healthy and long eyelashes is every woman’s dream in the UK, but unfortunately, it is not always so. Waking up and applying mascara first thing in the morning isn’t the ritual everyone looks forward to, but that’s slowly becoming a thing of the past. 

More and more women are now opting for eyelash extensions in Ipswich to help maintain their natural appearances as they age. The teenage girl’s population of Ipswich is around 14% of the total population; therefore, the service of eyelash extensions and elongations can be in huge demand too. 

Take a look at some of the best benefits of having eyelash extensions:

  • Extensions will save a lot of time and effort if eyeliners and mascaras take up a significant time in the mornings. Plus, there will be less money spent as lashes can even completely replace the application of these products. 
  • They can add thickness to the present lash lines, making faces appear more young without the need for any cosmetic creams. Fixing the right set of eyelashes can lift the face by curling the eyelashes, enhancing its youthfulness.
  • There are no instances of damage as this isn’t an invasive procedure, and the same goes for wearing eyelashes. 

With eyelash industries growing into a big business in the UK, there can be no doubt that they will be a major part of the beauty industry shortly. With that being said, take a look at some of the things to consider before fixing an appointment to get eyelash extensions in Ipswich.

  • The Appointment: Most eyelash fixing appointments last around an hour or two, and do remember that the eyes need to be closed at all times. Make sure to arrive a bit early to clear any doubts or questions regarding the procedure and remove the jitters. 
  • About The Extensions: Don’t worry about the extensions damaging the natural lash lines, as the chances of that are extremely low. First-timers are recommended to go for a more naturalistic look to get the feel of what extensions are and how they might change the way customers look. 

Although customers need to understand that these extensions are not permanent, they need constant maintenance work once every month. Once they find what works best, they can customize these lashes to whatever colour, shape or size they want. 

  • After Getting The Extensions: Clients are requested to wait for at least 24 hours before getting them in contact with water. Newly fixed lashes can get distorted if customers engage in swimming, showering or any other related activity, so it’s best to keep them dry for about 12 hours or more, especially if it’s the first time. 

Although makeup isn’t really necessary, as these extensions take care of that, it doesn’t mean customers can’t do makeup at all. But they might need to change how they do it, using oil-free products as a better alternative.

  • About The Salon: Feel free to ask about the salon’s or the beauty technician’s credentials and licenses. Before heading over there, it might be beneficial to look up the reviews and any feedback that their previous Ipswich customers have left. If the service is good, there’s a good chance that the rest of the community will know since these are eyelash extensions that are visible to the public eye. 

Additionally, the more clients a salon has, the more experience they’ve garnered over the years and the better their results after an extension procedure. 

So if customers want to shorten their morning makeup rituals and, at the same time, have a non-invasive procedure that can highlight their natural lash lines, then eyelash extensions are the best way to go. 


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