How to equip a creature?


Before you equip a creature with armor, you must equip weapons for them. You can do this by finding and equipping the proper weapon slot in your inventory and clicking “equip” at the bottom-right corner of the screen. 

There is no limit to how many weapons a creature can be equipped with, so feel free to create an arsenal of weapons to bring into battle!

To choose which equipment option that comes up when equipping a weapon slot, either use the drop-down menu or move your cursor over it until it changes into an arrow shape.

You can check the equipment status of a creature using the equipment menu. It appears in the left-hand menu section.

Let me know, can you equip a creature with shroud?

The equipment status is divided into four groups: weapons, armor, accessories (headgear, gloves, legs/feet etc.), and miscellaneous (shields). 

Weapons are further divided into melee weapons and ranged weapons. Melee weapons include swords , spears , axes , maces , clubs , hammers , bowguns and even guns . Ranged weapons include arrows, sling stones , crossbows and firearms . 

Here are some points discussed on how to equip a creature-

1. Equip slot.

Equipment is divided into three categories-Equip slots, worn items and accessories. Each creature can only wear two accessories (headgear, gloves, etc) and can equip one of any equipped slot equipment on each of its four equipment slots. 

Each slot has limitations on what type of equipment it will accept. For example, a creature can not wear a weapon with an “??” grade on their head.

It is possible to customise your equipment to improve your ability in battle. You can do this by combining, for example, accessories with the same effect (e.g. “Attack up”, “MP up”, etc.), or by combining equip slot items with identical effects (e.g. two bows).

2. Weapon upgrade system .

You can upgrade your weapons using special materials acquired during adventures, or create new weapons using the weapon crafting system . 

When you use material that has an “Upgrade” attribute on it, it will disappear after being used in upgrading your weapon.

Depending on the grade of your weapon, the attribute bonus may be greater or smaller. You can check this by mousing over your weapon icon to display the weapon details.

It is possible to create completely new weapons of various grades with the “weapon crafting” system. If you fail this, you will not lose any resources (you will only fail to create a weapon), but if you succeed, you will receive weapons that are higher than those that can be found in shops. For more information about crafting, please refer to our crafting guide .

3. Combining weapons and equipment .

You can combine weapons and equip slots together to create new and more powerful equipment. Please refer to our crafting guide if you need to know how to do this.

4. Equip items (headgear, gloves, legs/feet etc.)

You can equip accessories (headgear, gloves , legs etc) onto your creature at the weapon and accessory selection screen by mousing over these categories and clicking “equip”. 

However, please note that accessories do not add attribute bonuses to creatures nor add effectiveness against bosses or other creatures like it does for players.

In order to equip accessories, select them from the inventory and click the “Equip” button in your equipment screen.

5. A creature can equip two accessories.

As well as weapons, a creature can be equipped with two accessories (headgear, gloves etc.). It is possible to customise these accessories so that they will give you attribute bonuses or add effectiveness against bosses or other creatures in battle. Please refer to our crafting guide for more information about customising equipment and creating accessories.

6. Attribute bonuses.

Equipped equipment provides attribute bonuses. The greater the equipment’s Grade stat, the greater the bonus to that skill. 

Therefore you should equip equipment that has an “Attribute”, or higher grade. You can view attribute bonuses by mousing over your equipment icon in your inventory .

7. Weapon crafting.

The weapon crafting system allows you to create weapons using materials you have acquired, or weapons that are higher quality than those available at stores. 

When combined with accessories, or through combining with equip slots, new or upgraded weapons can be created for your creature. Please refer to our weapon crafting guide for more information about this system.

8. Change-up skill evolution while equipped.

You can use gold to evolve your weapon skills while equipped. To do this, click the “Evolve” button at the bottom-right of your creature’s equipment screen. Make sure that you have enough energy to support this change!


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