Things You Should Keep Away from Your Baby.


The presence of a little toddler at home makes the parents’ lives very hectic. The mom is mainly responsible for supervising her child and protecting him from objects which can be harmful to him. You may have noticed that children are attracted more towards things which can be dangerous for them like plugs, sockets, medicines, chemicals, sharp objects, etc.

Kids, particularly crawling babies, are often found putting small things in their mouths. The reason is that as the baby grows older, his excitement to explore things also increases. Hence, you have to keep an eye on every movement of your baby. The best way to protect your KID is to make your home as much safe for the baby as possible.

This article contains a list of Things that You Should Keep Away from YOUR BABY.

Things You Should Keep Away from Your Baby

Some of the things which you should keep away from your baby are as follows:-

  • Remote Controls

The bright-colored, soft buttons in the remote control are the main cause of attraction for toddlers. Some parents are unaware of the risks associated with the remotes. They might think that the remote controls are big enough to harm their kid. But that’s wrong. The remote controls contain many tiny parts that can create problems for your child if he ingests them. The batteries inside the remotes are filled with poisonous chemicals which can be fatal if swallowed by the toddler.

  • Harmful Toys

Toys are essential for children’s physical as well as mental development and a source of joy for them. However, a wrong selection of toys can be dangerous for your child. These include toys that contain tiny parts or pointed edges. Therefore, take special care when purchasing a baby’s toys and follow the mentioned instructions. Avoid such playing equipment as marbles, balls, Lagos, etc., and opt for soft and safe toys like teddy bears, soft dinosaurs, etc.

  • Medicines

Medicines are among the items which should always be kept out of the reach of children. Tablets and syrups are particularly easier to swallow. Therefore, place the medicines in racks or shelves which are unable to be reached by the children. Also, rash creams, eye drops, and lotions should be kept away from the toddler’s reach.

  • Sockets, Plugs, and Electric items

Exposed wires, open electrical sockets, and other electrical sources should be out of your toddler’s reach. All these objects have a risk of electrical shocks. Children may even try to insert different things or sometimes, their fingers inside those sockets. If the plugs or sockets are within easy reach of your child, cover them with plug socket covers. Also, the electricity conducting devices should be kept away from the child.

  • Cribs

Cribs are made to protect babies from falling and to provide them with a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. However, they can also be dangerous for them. Electric cords, curtain cords, swinging crib toys, and mobiles are all harmful objects for the kids. Therefore, purchase baby cribs carefully. The cribs with closely-spaced bars should be chosen as they reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Place the crib in a location where it is kept away from all cord-containing items. A smart choice of the crib can save your baby from harm.

  • Coins

Coins can also be seriously harmful to toddlers. They can easily attract the child because of their shiny appearance.  Swallowing a coin can result in impaction. It is a condition in which the coin is not eliminated through feces. In such a case, the coin is removed from the baby’s body through surgery. Therefore, make sure that you keep your loose change out of your child’s reach.


Young children especially toddlers need to be supervised all the time. They are in a stage of life where they wish and try to explore the world and learn about new things. If you have a toddler in your home, your life would be hectic. You have to keep an eye on every movement of your baby. Therefore, try to make your home as safe from the baby as possible. Remove all those objects which can be dangerous for your child as the baby’s safety is always the main priority of parents. However, if you get parenthood surrogacy and alquiler de vientre you should maintain the guideline provided by the surrogacy agency. 


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