How to Distract a Child from Mobile?


We are living in an era where technology has become a necessary part of life. Although technology has made our lives easier and comfortable on the other hand, it has also caused some problems. The biggest problem is the excessive use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

People of all ages, particularly children are becoming addicted to screens. Parents are worried about how to keep their children away from the screens. Too much use of smartphones, iPods, etc., has badly affected the mental capabilities of children. They also show an unsatisfactory academic performance. Excessive use of screens not only harms their eye-sight but also their intellectual development.

If you are concerned about your child’s addiction to mobile, this article will help you. Here you’ll find essential information about “How to Distract a Child from Mobile?”.

Ways to Distract Child from Mobile

Following are some effective ways to distract the child from mobile: –

  • Engage him in Interesting Activities

Children are mostly attracted to mobile phones because of the absence of interesting and creative activities for kids. By engaging the child in various fascinating and exciting activities, you can distract him from a mobile phone. Activities such as thumb painting, coloring, drawing, etc. will not only interest your child but will also build up his creative skills. Besides, his intellectual development will also be boosted up with these activities. Outdoor games like cricket, football, etc., are also healthy for kids and can help in distracting the child from mobile.

  • Make the mobile Inaccessible

Hide the mobile phone in a place where your kid can’t find it. Whenever you need the mobile, use it secretly and then put it again in the place where you had hidden the phone. Unavailability of the mobile will prevent the child from its excessive use.

  • Switch Off Your Wi-Fi

Another amazing trick to prevent the kid from excessive use of mobile is to switch off the Internet. If you need to watch any video or need any sort of online matter, simply download it and switch off your Wi-Fi. A lot of stuff is available for kids on the Internet, that’s why they get stuck to the phone. Unavailability of unlimited games will minimize their use of mobile.

  • Spend More Time with Him

Children need parent’s time and attention. Make sure that you spend enough time with your kid. Talk to your child about his favorite things, play with him, tell him interesting story tales. This will also nourish your relationship with your kid. Introduce good traits and habits to your kid. As a result, the child will love to spend time with you and will minimize the use of mobile.

  • Don’t Use Mobile In front of him

The best way to prevent your child from excessive use of mobile is to act as a role model for him. Keep yourself away from using mobile in front of your child. If you urgently need the mobile phone for your use, do it secretly. Limited use of a mobile phone will be beneficial for you as well as your child.

  • Set Specified Hours for Mobile-use

To limit your child’s usage of mobile, you can set some specified hours for its use. This will help you keep track. Besides, this routine habit will also let the kid focus on other works after the end of screen-time. Never let him use the phone for more than the specified time.

  • Set Password

This strategy can be really helpful for you in preventing the child from excessive use of mobile. In this case, you don’t need to hide your mobile or ask the child to keep away from the phone. Just set a password on your mobile phone. When the child fails to open it, he will ultimately leave the phone himself.


Childhood is a developmental period in which the kid needs to learn about new things and explore the world. It is time to develop various skills in the child. However, excessive use of mobile phones has badly affected children’s physical and mental development. You cannot stop your child from the use of mobile by scolding him as children are very sensitive. Whether you get parenthood through surrogacy like leihmutterschaft, you might follow the instructions given by your surrogacy clinic. Therefore, by following the above-mentioned ways, you can distract your child from mobile. This will also help you in making your child a productive individual.


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