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maths Olympiad

Prima Facie, much appreciation and heartiest congratulations on having aspirations to attempt the math Olympiad. The International Math Olympiad is a championship examination conducted at the high school level. It is held across different countries, say around 100 countries over five continents. It was first introduced and maintained in Romania in 1959. The Math Olympiad is conducted two times a year, during February and December. Students are given the liberty that they are allowed to appear at any of the allocated slots during the year according to their level of preparation. This Olympiad is conducted as an online examination with 50 questions and a duration of 45 minutes to solve questions. Being in class 8, the difficulty level of the study will be high, and the students will be given complex problems to solve. Therefore, to succeed in this Olympics with a top score, it is recommended to follow the right strategic plan, working hard with smartness.

The first step is for students to register on the Olympiad website and pay the required fees after confirming that they are eligible to participate in the competition. It is necessary to grasp the curriculum immediately after this point. This is because being aware of the syllabus and continuing to follow it will assist in staying on the correct road to success. Next, visit the Olympiad website to get a complete understanding of the examination pattern, examination schedule, curriculum, scoring system, awards, and regulations, which include dos and don’ts, among other things. To accommodate applicants who are physically disabled, IMOC provides additional support. For further information, please see the website’s Frequently Asked Questions section. ANNEXURE I contains a brief overview of the curriculum for your consideration. Keep in mind that the curriculum is based on criteria established by the CBSE and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.

So, after making a detailed analysis of the syllabus, sit with your teacher and identify your weak areas and work on them. Get the doubts clarified as and when they arise. Understand that this is not an examination that is conducted at the school level. A deeper understanding of every concept, theorem, and formula, along with its proof at a higher level, is necessary. Applying those concepts to the given problems and arriving at the right solutions is more critical to success. If you rank among the top 30% of students in your grade at the international level, you will be eligible for the International Maths Olympiad Elitist title if you perform well in the second round. The title of champion of the international math Olympiad will be provided once you are among the top 20% of candidates in your grade level.

Today, the internet plays a vital role in finding helpful solutions to every problem across various platforms, like YouTube video lectures with highly qualified professors, different websites offering solutions suggested by subject matter experts, containing more practice tests, etc. So when it comes to practice, one cannot forget the great saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”  Students can practice the problems with the help of a flowchart and interpret the given data to overcome the complexity of the given situation and find solutions quickly. Doing this way helps to enhance a student’s analytical thinking and ability and helps to gain problem-solving skills, confidence, self-motivation, etc. 

On the other hand, one cannot simply waste time by practicing only the already known concepts. It is preferable to know something about everything than to know everything about one thing. Time management also plays a crucial factor in learning and practicing new concepts. So it is better to start the preparation well in advance and the proper strategical plan and manage time efficiently. Also, it is essential to organize your preparation level to avoid stress and making yourselves hectic with the syllabus. Doing so will make you clear on the concepts that have been prepared. It is also suggested that practicing math early in the morning will be the best time since the early morning is full of peace and, our minds will be fresh and full of hope towards success. One can understand the level of preparation by giving a lot of mock examinations, working on the previous year’s paper to understand the level of questions, and examining various factors like time management, speed, accuracy, etc. Click the link for Class 8 IMO Question Paper 2016. After giving a thorough practice, on the day of the examination, sit back and relax. Do not learn anything new as it may collide with already known concepts, leading to confusion. When you step into the examination hall, kindly ensure the system allotted to you is in good working condition. If not, try to intimate the invigilator as soon as possible because once the exam begins, there will be no one to assist you as this is an online examination. During the inspection, first glance through the question paper to thoroughly understand the level of questions asked, and attempt the one w Do not waste time on the question when you can’t arrive at the solution. Here again, time management plays an important role right from reading the question paper till the completion of the examination.  Participating in the monthly Olympiads provides participants with valuable pre-experience for the annual Olympiad examination, which will help them do better in the yearly Olympiad test and pass with flying colors. It is also preferable to try again and again rather than to give up and lose confidence if one fails in this examination because it is believed that each of us in this world is born with a unique talent and capability that can be applied to a variety of fields of study and lead to success.

Wishing you all success in this examination!!


You Should be prepared with the following syllabus-

Questions about words and numbers, data processing, fractions and decimals, comprehension of factors, multiples, square roots, and cube roots, geometrical ideas, and puzzles are some of the topics covered.


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