Tips to Pick the Ideal Travel Agency in Brisbane


Booking holidays can be hectic, and it is important you find a reputed and reliable travel agency to guide you through the process. The city of Brisbane has gained wide popularity for its infrastructure and development of travel agencies catering to the shifting trends in consumer travel. Brisbane witnessed high economic growth, technological innovation, car rental facilities, and staycations, which have aided the development of travel agencies. While you are looking for a travel agency in Brisbane, you must have various concerns regarding the choice of accommodation, safety and hygiene factors and the various offers the company is providing. Here are some tips for you to weigh your options and pick the right travel agency.

Ask for Recommendations

It is always beneficial to ask for recommendations from family members or friends. If you are acquainted with someone who works with a travel advisor and has a good experience, you can opt for that too. If your travel style differs from your family or friends, it is suggested that you seek local businesses in Brisbane. Small travel agencies have also grown in recent years, and with a simple Google search, you can get various recommendations.

Consider Specialisation

To find a travel agency in Brisbane, consider destinations in which it specialises. If you want to go to a specific location, find an agency that has booked several trips to that location or has contacts or connections there. You will find advisors specialising in cruise, leisure, corporate or incentive travel and can choose accordingly. The advisors can also refer you to someone else or conduct research if you are interested in a trip outside their sector of specialisation.

Look Into Professional Networks

It would be helpful to understand what organisations your travel agency is associated with. Whether the agency operates alone or works in partnership, or is a part of a large organisation, it is likely to be connected to a professional body. A Brisbane based travel agency associated with the Australian Federation of Travel Agents has high professional credibility. Moreover, if you are unhappy with your service, the professional body intervenes and steps in to resolve grievances.

Travel Style

Are you the one who likes packed itineraries or the one to go for slow, leisurely trips? Are you a solo traveller or planner of multigenerational trips with parents and children? The travel agency must have a thorough understanding of your travel style, which leads to establishing a rapport and planning trips in the future. Before planning the trip, don’t forget to inquire about the planning fee and the previously planned trips. It would help if you were upfront about your budget so that the agency can plan the best out of it. 


You must ensure that the travel agent is transparent about its services and provide answers to all your questions. If the travel agency is willing to show you the charges and fees and clearly explain the terms and conditions, you have come one step closer to the planning process. It is also essential to know that different travel agencies have different charges related to trip cancellations or changes. You have to be aware of such costs before booking the trip. 

Selecting a travel agency needs a lot of deliberation to make your vacation a memorable and relaxing experience. The tips mentioned above will help you have a hassle-free travel experience and get value for your money.


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