The 10 Most Successful Hiking Companies In Region


Hiking is a great way to not only take in the scenic beauty of nature, but also get some fresh air and exercise. If you’re looking for somewhere to hike, or are just starting out on your hiking journey and want to find the best company around, this list might be helpful. Here are ten companies that offer a range of different ways for individuals to experience great hikes moran vista camping area in different regions around the world. Some provide more seasoned hikers with more proficient routes and equipment while others are more focused on family-friendly trips that still offer an adrenaline rush!

10) The Hike Company

This company takes trips all over North America from Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona to Cape Cod National Seashore at Martha’s Vineyard. They are also a great company to go hiking with if you aren’t sure where you want to go or don’t want to handle all the planning yourself. The Hike Company provides their clients with a variety of different hikes and activities, in addition to taking reservations for their trips. 

9) Hiking Central

Whether you’re in the mood for a weekend trip to the mountains or a week-long adventure through the park, Hiking Central’s trips are able to accommodate any desire. 

8) Uniglobe Trekking and Trips

Uniglobe is one of the most popular hiking companies in Europe and has offices all over the world, providing great itineraries for any hiker. Uniglobe is also great for the solo hiker, offering a wide variety of hiking trips.

7) Hike and Bike Adventures

This company is one of the first ones to come to mind when it comes to hiking and cycling trips. Hike and Bike Adventures offers trips all over the world, giving hikers a chance to enjoy the outdoors by bike or on foot. Hike and Bike Adventures is another one of the most popular hiking companies in Europe, allowing you to experience the wonders of Europe whether you’re a seasoned hiker or someone who just wants to see new sights.

6) Hiker Hunger

Hiker Hunger provides an amazing experience for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, especially if they want to take advantage of their small group trips and unique hiking paths. If you’re looking for more than just a guided hike, Hiker Hunger offers both trips meant solely for hikers as well as hiking packages that can include activities such as wine tastings and cooking classes.

5) Backpacker Adventures

Backpacker Adventures is one of the most popular hiking companies in Europe and offers trips to the Pyrenees, Alps and various other mountains throughout the world. They are also a great company for the solo hiker, with plenty of options for self-guided trips. Backpacker Adventures is one of the biggest companies in the hiking world. They provide a variety of different trips for experienced hikers and also offer kids’ hikes for those looking to get outdoors with their family.

4) Great Trails

Great Trails is another great company out there that provides a wide variety of hiking and backpacking trips. They have a large variety of different locations throughout Canada and the United States for their customers, providing the experience of a lifetime for hikers around the world. Great Trails is a great company if you’re looking to get outdoors while learning something new. Whether you’re interested in becoming more comfortable with the water, getting an introduction to rock climbing or simply learning how to read the map, Great Trails has something for everyone. 

3) New England Hiking & Backpacking Club

The New England Hiking and Backpacking Club is a club specifically for hikers and backpackers. While they can provide the expertise necessary to find your own coordinates, you get a different perspective coming from a group of people who have just as much fun hiking as you do.

2) Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most famous areas in California. It allows hikers to experience the beautiful desert life with its many oases, cacti and palm trees. Joshua Tree National Park allows hikers to explore on their own terms, making it one of the most popular destinations in California.

1) REI Adventures

REI Adventures makes it one of the best companies to hike with, offering trips in many different regions. However, they are also an incredible resource for hikers looking to learn more about getting prepared before going out into the wild. REI is the largest outdoor retail co-operative in the world, offering a variety of outdoor gear as well as high quality guided trips. What sets REI Adventures apart from the rest is that they have their own guides and staff, so you can truly be assured that everything will go smoothly and safely.


There you have it! Check out these companies if you’re ever looking for a great pairing to your next hiking trip. Regardless of where you are in the world or what your interests are, you’ll be able to find a hiking company perfectly suited to your needs.


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