Top Things to Know About Pool Servicing


The swimming pool is a luxurious dream every person has. Whether small or big, the pool gives a majestic look to the building or house. What about its maintenance? If there is no pool servicing available in the locality, having a pool would not be fun. It is vital to maintain the pool by servicing it properly to ensure its durability. If no attention is given to the pool repairing, the condition of the pool gets worse and becomes useless. 

 This article talks about tips and techniques to maintain a swimming pool. Have a quick look and ensure proper care for the pool! 

1) Professional service is the best help

People talk about many little tricks to maintain the pool, but no technique can beat the perfection of the pool servicing professionals. It is crucial to consult a professional service team to ensure the quality of the pool and maintain it in good shape. So, it is advisable to hire a pool service agency twice or thrice a year. The advantage of a professional team is that they are reputed and experienced in this field, and they can do wonders to the pool rather than the standard solutions any person can find. High technological equipment makes their jobs easy and perfect. Kit includes heating systems, pumps and filters. Only professional service will ensure the durability of the pool without fail. 

2) Conduct a water quality check 

Testing the water quality is significant to make sure that the pool is in good condition. Professional help can be utilised for this purpose. These service people will find the right chemicals to increase the quality of the water. They will test the chlorine level and its consistency in the water. 

Adding chemicals in the pool is not a child’s play. Excess of chemicals can cause health issues. It can cause problems from the skin to the enamel. At the same time, no chemicals in the pool will create a surplus of harbour bacteria which are more dangerous than they seem. A reputed professional servicing company will ease these headaches. 

It is mandatory to check the water quality once a week in summer. It would be better to do it twice or thrice. But in winter, once or twice a month is enough. The standard pH level is between 7.4 and 7.6, and if it falls from this level, calcium will be formed around the pool, which kills the aesthetic beauty. 

3) Water Level

Have a regular check up on the pool’s water level, which will help maintain its shape as great as in the beginning. If the water level is too low, there is a high chance for it to burn up or run dry in the pump.  If the water level is too high, the skimmer door will not work correctly. Have a water check from time to time. If there is a heavy storm or increased pool usage, do not hesitate to check the water level. The standard level is the halfway point of the skimmer of the pool.

4) It’s time to welcome the winter season

Winter is on the doorstep! It’s time to prepare the swimming pool for the season. Have professionals help winterise the pool so that the season would not cause any problems. If the interest in the pool is not the owner’s priority, it may lead to many maintenance issues. Professionals will do water testing to check the chemical balance and pump the extra water out of it. They will ensure the proper working of the pumps too.


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