Spilling the Tea on All Things Aesthetic Dresses


The word “Aesthetic” seems to be tossed around like an old rag boxabl jobs, but what are they really? The term Aesthetic refers to a movement in art and design during the late nineteenth century that emphasized art as something that should be pleasing or beautiful. It was contrasted with the previous Romanticism iconography.

1. Aesthetic dress made a comeback in the early 2000s and has been booming ever since. Picture yourself at a masquerade ball, no formal dresses allowed here girls! Keep your party-wear unapologetically unique with this collection of mesmerizing “Aesthetic”-inspired dresses that flaunt bold, geometric patterns and use vivid colors commonly associated with the art movement.

2. This trend is not limited to just print and color, but also textures, particularly those of lace and netting which are great for keeping cool in spring or summer weather.

3. If you love the concept of  Aesthetic dress but are a bit put off by the preponderance of pattern, take a look at these beautiful looks that feature lace and mesh as an accent and alternate them with solid color looks.

4. Still unsure? You can take this look one step further by adding a headpiece or hat to complete your look with effortless chic.

5. On-trend and bright is this style that calls on abstract art prints in addition to geometric shapes and bright colors to create a fun and vibrant look that is perfect for the summer months when you want to be colorful but don’t have time for a heavy formal ensemble.

6. Another fun look that is perfect for the long, hot days of summer is a basic striped dress with a headpiece and oversized shades to create the “Aesthetic” look without the formality.

7. A great trend for those wanting to top their simple dress with something unique and eye-catching is this geometric print which can be accented with a headband and silver earrings to give it even more color. 

8. If you are looking for more of an edgy look, try this geometric dress with black leather accessories like belt, shoulder bag and sunglasses to complete your bold look.

9. You can also be a bit quirky and add a touch of whimsy to your look with this Aesthetic dress by accessorizing with a large pair of sunglasses with frames that resemble the abstract painting itself.

10. If you are looking for something more subtle, we recommend this simple geometric print dress that is elegant yet simple with headpiece and sandals to create an attractive and attractive look.

11. Last but not least, we have a wonderful take on the Aesthetic trend in this exciting floral gown that is chic yet fun with geometric lace and bold colors to create an eye-catching look.

12. With any look that you choose, you will want to wear a pair of bold earrings to complete your look.

13. We hope that we were able to help guide your shopping for the right Aesthetic dresses for you by showing you a few great ways to wear it and some of our favorite looks.

14. Go bold with bright colors and geometric patterns that are reminiscent of the colorful paintings of painter artist Piet Mondrian . The Aesthetic movement valued simplicity over ornamentation, similar to Mondrian’s art which was based on clear geometrical shapes.

15. You can still feel the elegant simplicity of the Aesthetic movement and the geometric shapes with this pink and green dress that is accented with a headband. 

16. Here is an example of a bold color in your design that will draw people’s attention without distracting from your style. 

17. If you are an avid reader, you might have come across this design before, but we love it anyway! It is a great way to add some flair to your look by adorning yourself in aesthetic lace fabric. 

18. This one is perfect for young girls who want to be a bit different yet still be themselves with their unique style choice. This fashionista is wearing a fun, geometric lace dress with a headband.

19. Another fun and vibrant look that you can wear for the summer months with ease by adding a striped headband and large sunglasses.

20. For those who love the Aesthetic look but want to step it up one more notch, go simple yet chic with this black geometric lace dress accented with silver accessories.

21. You can also wear this bold look with an equally bold outfit by pairing it with bright red accessories like thick belt and jeweled snake ring to create a unique and eye-catching look that will be sure to get attention wherever you go.

22. If you are looking for something more subtle and airy, go with this polka-dotted design on lace with a cute headband and sunglasses.

23. Going to a party? You can add some flair to your black dress by adding an aesthetic print design on the bottom of the dress and solid color at the top.

24. If you don’t want to wear an entire print or pattern, you can simply add a geometric printed headband as in this photo to create your look.

25. This floral print is simple yet bold with its reds, white and green colors that are reminiscent of springtime flowers or even of Mondrian’s work which also featured these three colors.


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