Unbelievable Facts About Images Bazaar


Imagine going to a grocery store and you are too busy to get all of the ingredients for your recipe. You could settle for what is on hand, but you really want that eggplant.  You don’t know what time the store opens at night or if they close early, so you do not have time to go anywhere else. A friend told you about Food Bazaar which has everything from eggs to non-perishable food items as well as fresh produce; even fresh meats with less than 7 days old!

Unfortunately, this is a very difficult process because there are too many things in order for anything to be prioritized in such short notice. Imagesbazaar ceo is Sandeep Maheshwari and he is the person responsible for making this an easy and convenient way to find what you need without having to waste time and gas. To find the need, imagesbazaar has made a system where you can upload pictures of your items and the site will automatically recognize the item and find it for you. 

Well, don’t expect to have everything; because it is not possible no matter how much money you have or how fast your car is. Imagesbazaar has categorized its products into five different levels of searching and every category has a list of specific searches that can be made. This allows them to know what will be popular in certain stages of the year as well as what people search for and purchase frequently.

Unbelievable Facts About Images Bazaar :

1. ImagesBazaar – About Company

Images Bazaar is an online shopping portal in India. It helps users to find best quality and genuine products at competitive prices with the help of its search engine which is embedded with image recognition engine. The products listed here are sourced from the best brands of India and all around the world, with competitive price tags attached to them. Images Bazaar is known for offering great discounts and sales on its products in order to attract more customers. So hurry up, place your order now!

2. Company Information:

Company Name Images Bazaar Registration Year 2007 Website Imagesbazaar.com Ownership Type Private Limited Company Headquarters Noida, India

3. Managing Director Information:

Sandeep Maheshwari is the managing director at ImagesBazaar and he’s also a co-founder along with two other people. He has more than 23 years of experience in the field of technology. His areas of specialization include network security and social media. Founder, Sandeep Maheshwari is not only known to be the managing director at Images Bazaar but also as managing director of many other companies like Unstructured Data Network Pvt Ltd, RedDotCafe Pvt Ltd, Web2award Pvt Ltd, Ilexinfo Pvt ltd etc.

4. Senior Management Team:

Images Bazaar has a team of almost 200 employees who are responsible for developing the company’s market strategies as well as lead generation. The CEO, Sandeep Maheshwari was previously the Chief Technical Officer at Maxis, a company which is known to be the exclusive partner of Apple in Malaysia. He also held senior positions at companies like Unstructured Data Network Pvt Ltd and Convergys Corporation Pvt Ltd prior to founding Images Bazaar in the year 2007.

5. Finance and Accounting:

Images Bazaar is a privately owned company whose office is located in Noida, India. Its registered address is Ground Floor, South Tower – 3, The Great India Place Mall, Sector 18 A Noida- 201 301, Uttar Pradesh, India. The company has been managing the finances quite well since its foundation in the year 2007. However, there are no details available on how much the company has spent or earned as of yet.

6. Revenue Streams:

There is no information that has been made public about the revenue streams of Images Bazaar as of yet. It is possible that the company earns profits through various methods such as a percentage of the product prices. Images Bazaar earns money from a variety of places including advertisements displayed on their site and from content offered by their partners. It is also possible that they earn money from other sources like affiliate marketing and retail sales.

7. Audience:

Types of users who use Images Bazaar are largely depended on their age, profession, sex and location. Images Bazaar has been aimed at everyone who wants to find something in particular during the time they most need it; which covers all ages and even people who are traveling overseas can find what they need here. It also has a separate section for the people who are on diet and want to purchase organic products. Images Bazaar’s target audience is the one that is most likely to search for something instead of wasting time at other stores.

8. Competitors:

Images Bazaar has its competitors like Snapdeal and Amazon but it has managed to maintain its position as the market leader in spite of having competitors such as these around. They offer a number of products on their website which are sourced from many sources including sellers, brands etc. There are also rumors that Snapdeal is looking to acquire Images Bazaar in order to strengthen their position in the Indian market further but there is no official word about this matter yet.


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