8 ways to earn a ton of extra cash playing online games

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One question for all, what do we really do in our free time, when we get bored with everything? We are indeed fond of online games in a world full of technologies. But do you know that we can also make money by just playing games? Well, if that would be so easy then 7 billion people on this planet could easily be made out and would have been the millionaire now. But that is the only thing, this is not so easy to do so. 

Many people try to do it and succeed but similarly, many of them just give up because this is the thing that many of us cannot do, this work requires skills, and being willing to dedicate time to it. Games have been always the most attractive thing ever whether it’s children or a 50-year-old man/woman. Well, as we know behind every success story, there are hundreds of others who tried and failed. But if you are a game lover then you will definitely try this once.  

Well, Rummy is a cultural game and one of the most historical games ever, from being offline to online it credited the most. Playing rummy online will give you an extra benefits and cash more than ever. However, Rummy is famous across the world, no one can deny it, the one and only popular historical game which has billions fans.

So here in this article, I will discuss the other 8 ways you can earn a ton of extra cash by playing online games. Let’s have a look at those ways and follow the way. 

  1. Getting paid for the live stream-or becoming a live streamer – the first thing you can do is become a paid live streamer, anyone can stream their gameplay in real-time for the world to see. That is the only aim to build a large audience meanwhile, you can monetize your channel with ads or with donations and subscriptions. One of the biggest platforms for live streaming is Twitch or YouTube, what I know. But the thing to be noted is good traffic, for making money you will be needing thousands of regular views. You will have to keep patience for that but it is one of the best ways to popularize your channel and get money through it.
  2. Create video game guides and tutorials – So this is another way to earn money, by providing the right information to the users who are looking for it. You can create video game guidelines for famous or popular games that people play quietly. Else you can also create a good tutorial for the newbies or the newcomers who are going to play the game. You can take various ways for game guides, such as creating a website, uploading the video guides to your YouTube channel, or publishing guides as eBooks.
  3. Host a gaming podcast or a YouTube channel – Youths are aware of the term podcast or having a YouTube channel. You will need the knowledge, plus the podcast content doesn’t have to be so deep, you can dedicate a channel to gaming news about a specific genre or choose a specific theme for entertaining the people. Podcasts and YouTube videos can be monetized with the advertisement’s sponsorships and other forms of YouTube monetization
  4. Win the gaming tournaments and claim sponsorship – Tournaments are the most common names in the games. The more popular the game you are playing the larger the price will be. The most competitive gamers also take advantage of live streams for having some additional income.
  5. Getting paid for the test games – Just before launching a new game, the developers also need to test the new games. However, developers need outsiders for playtests. And, as a play tester, your job is to check everything with the developer that includes finding and documenting bugs and other issues if you found any.
  6. Sell your accounts or digital items – If you have spent enough time on the games, then you might have thought about switching or flipping your accounts, or in-game, items to play another game. Well, you can resell some of your Steam Trading Cards which you have earned by playing games to the players who want to collect them.
  7. Contact Sponsors – After getting a following for your stream, try to contact sponsors, to acquire sponsors, you need to be prepared to impress them. Next, find the members of the company that you want to notice you, and use social media to find them. The last thing you have to do is try to convince them that you can bring value to them or their product.
  8. Professional gamer – You heard the word pro? You can also become a pro gamer or can say professional gamer, you just have to pick one game that you want to promote or never get bored of and become an expert in it. Then, look forward to participating in eSports games. You know the Pro Gamers are now competing all across the world, and winning millions at events sponsored by the International Dota 2 championship, Major League Gaming circuit, and Intel Extreme Masters. 

The most common question among all that people generally ask is, why would anyone pay just to play the games?

So here is the answer to your query and curiosity, you are an amateur gamer, not an expert, not a game journalist, or even not a professional gamer tester, but still, the company wants you to test it because the company developers need new people to check their apps and mobile apps or the game. The gaming company partners give you some small awards after completing the task, these game offers are shared with you as different ways to make money.

Conclusion – Here we have discussed some of the ways of winning extra cash by playing online. There are some other ways too but I have mentioned the best ways in this article. If you are looking for playing big video games then you have to be more skilled and strategic about it.


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