Life-Changing Exciting Experiences In Bdo Cron Fragment Event Game


Bdo Cron Fragment Event content is hard to come by and can be a lot of fun. You’ll need to be level 70 to take part in this event and there are some requirements that might make it difficult for you to participate if you’re in a small guild. Bdo cron fragment event is a great event to take part in if you’re level 70+. This event is really hard on low leveled guilds.

In order to participate in the BDO cron fragment event, you’ll need to complete a lot of various quests and some of those quests require you to be level 70 or higher. You may not be able to participate at all if your guild is too low leveled. You could try doing some bdo cron quests but this will be pointless since you’ll only get 2 fragments and not 4 or 5 as it says in the quest. The game follows the story of Adventurers looking for the remains of The Black Dragon Otto’s corpse within two hours after his death. Adventures will work together with one another and brave through hordes of monsters that lurk below the surface.

Life-Changing Exciting Experiences In Bdo Cron Fragment Event Game :

1. When you dive into the water, you’ll need to find Mysterious Fish. 

There will be several level 20 Water Spirit bosses underwater. These are large crocodile-like monsters that can deal a lot of damage and are immune to freezing. Use evasion skills/items to avoid their attacks as best as you can and use CC skills as well if they come off cooldowns. During this event, Yellow-Gold grade armor is dropped by these monsters so be sure to get some Charms of Good Luck to increase your chances of getting these rare items dropped by the Water Spirit bosses.

2. When you reach the end of the cave, you’ll need to kill a large bird named Babara.

You’ll need to use CC skills on it if you can and burst it down quickly. It can deal a lot of damage if left to free cast so make sure that you keep your distance and use ranged CC skills to avoid being hit by its large AoE attacks. After killing Babara, search her corpse for the important items that are needed in this event. Check out the requirements below:

3. When you enter the next room, you’ll need to kill several monsters in quick succession.

Here is where it gets very hard for lower level guilds and be prepared for a challenge if you’re a low leveled guild. You’ll need to kill a few Crow Swarmers and some level 20 Arvos that are immune to CC so use spells on them or use AA skills/items to damage them as fast as you can. You’ll also need to deal with an arrow trap that is in the room where there are Death Crow Swarmers. This is an important trap that will damage your whole party if you step on it. You’ll need to avoid and dodge this trap.

4. Just before you reach the boss area, you’ll need to kill a mob with an important item.

The mob that spawns here is a level 50 Strange Zombie. The loot from its corpse are special items (according to the requirements below) that can be used in the boss fight below. It’s imperative that you kill this mob because it will prevent another mob from spawning so make sure that you don’t miss the killing off of this mob since it can prevent more mobs from spawning later on in the BDO cron fragment event dungeon dungeon.

5. When you go down the ladder and into the final boss room, you’ll need to kill the boss named Babara.

This boss is really powerful and will do a lot of damage to all party members if they aren’t at a high enough level with all purple gear + level 50 weapon/armor. You’ll have to make sure that you have enough DPS and CC skills to take it down within the time limit of 2 minutes or else it will despawn and reset the dungeon. Don’t forget about using CC skills on this boss as much as possible in order to buy more time for DPS.

6. When you enter the final boss area, you’ll need to kill the boss named Babara.”

This boss can take a lot of time to defeat just like the one in the previous room and this fight is still important since it contains some of the items from the previous bosses that are needed for crafting. You’ll need to complete this fight within 2 minutes. If you get too many debuffs, you’ll be dealt with a lot of damage. Try to avoid this and use potions/archers if needed.

7. After defeating the boss, you’ll need to find the loot that is dropped by Babara.”

There will be a few things that are dropped from Babara’s dead corpse but these are the important ones for this event. Just be sure to loot all of the corpses here because you’ll need a lot of items for the crafting and completion of this event.

8. Use your special items on the Explosive Barrels.”

Here is where you will get to create some crude bombs that can be used later on in an event. Be sure to use your 4 special items (1 from each boss) on the barrels so you can create these bombs that are necessary for crafting some important items that are needed in this BDO cron fragment event dungeon. Just be careful because these barrels can explode so make sure that you don’t stand too close when trying to use these special items on them.


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