Why the The Lodge Craze Took Over the World


“The Lodge Craze” is a term coined by the New York Times in October 2017 that refers to a surge in global popularity of hotels, specifically the lodge skye chooses. This trend has risen steadily since 2010, even more so since the global financial crisis. 

Because so many people are flocking to these lodges, they have been expanding their chains rapidly to meet demand and accommodate this recent rise. For example, there was once only one Hilton hotel company; now there are nine. These hotels have increased luxury amenities with things like yoga studios, skate deck refrigerators and full-time staff who have undergone specialized training in various matters such as digital etiquette or statement earrings (Forbes).

1. Luxury Lodges

Luxury lodges are lodge themed hotels that typically have themes like mountains, fireside and rustic or modern. The focal points of these lodges are the nature in them. The lodge craze is when these hotels began to be called luxury lodges and for the reasons stated above.

Themes: Rustic and woody- themed lodges, mountain or wilderness lodges, and urban city or modern spaces that pulls from outside sources

2. Accommodations – rooms and suites

The Lodge Craze has not only expanded their chains but also their accommodations. These accommodations are typically luxurious (5 stars) with things like robes, ipads to control the temperature and hair straighteners. Reasons: There has been a huge increase in commercial hotel properties. Since the financial crisis, there has been an increase in the number of middle-class to upper-class travelers.

3. Amenities

The New York Times states that these lodges include “full-service spas, world-class restaurants, five-star bar and grill, fireside lounge and even onsite yoga instruction (New York Times).” They have also increased their rooms to accommodate more families and groups with beds ranging in length from two to 11 people (New York Times).

Reasons: The Lodge Craze is a huge business opportunity due the rising demand of luxury accommodations. There’s also a demand in the world for luxury accommodations due to the fact that the global economy is so unstable.

4. Lodges and resorts around the world

Luxury lodges are working hard to expand their chains and find new locations throughout the world. They are working hard to expand as these lodges increase business by attracting more people to their products. They have been expanding to other cities like North America, Europe, South America & Asia (New York Times). The Lodge Craze has already reached all over most of these continents!

Deserts, mountains and the ocean.- Deshima Lodge in Japan ( Instagram – @Deshima_Lodge )

5. Bars and Grill

Restaurants have also incorporated their own bars to complement the lodge. They have expanded their chains with bars and grills with beautiful views. Reasons: There’s a demand for more middle-class travelers who don’t want to pay as much to stay in hotels, but instead can explore the world at a lower price.

6. Yoga Studios

Another addition that has been added by these luxury lodges are yoga studios. For example, the Ritz-Carlton in New York has a yoga studio on their property that is open for business almost everyday! This is a great way for travelers to get into the essence of each location they go too (Forbes).

Reasons: These are the world’s finest accommodations and amenities, so why not include yoga studios and bars? The Yoga Studio craze is a huge industry on its own that is growing.

Fun facts for you

– Due to the demand for these lodges, Carnegie Mellon University is researching them (Carnegie Mellon University).

– For a lodge to be considered a true luxury lodge, they have to provide 24 hour access to food/theater, 5 star or above accommodation.

You’re probably wondering how hotels like this get opened up, but there are many factors that lead hotels to come and go.

7. The Lodges

The Lodges are a booming business; the New York Times states that 13,000 luxury lodges have run in the last 5 years! They state that this is due to their “luxurious lifestyle.” These luxurious vacations are expensive, so it’s important that they know who they’re targeting. They need to be aware of who their customers are and what will attract them.

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8. Branding

The branding of a lodge makes or breaks it. There’s a plethora of brands out there that have been and continue to create their own individual branding styles based on their place. Some lodging brands choose to stick with a certain theme, while others create more variety. The key is that they choose a theme that matches the personality and target of their brand. This can be difficult because it’s hard to establish your own style if you’re too focused on having a particular theme.


The lodge craze has been expanding ever since the financial crisis of 2010. It has grown rapidly because of the luxury accommodations and services that these hotels provide. The lodge craze has expanded all around the world with chains popping up in cities like New York, Barcelona and Tokyo! This can be attributed to the fact that there is a huge demand for luxury accommodations, specifically in cities like New York where there are many middle-class families looking for a more affordable getaway.


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