Why Toys Enhance Creativity And Imagination For Kids


Toys have been found to greatly increase a child’s creativity and concentration but what is more important is buying them according to a child’s developmental stages. Whether it’s playing with puzzles, board games, action figures or a ride on motorbikes, each toy is tailored to quench the curiosity of a growing toddler or an infant. 

A child’s mind is like a sponge, able to absorb any information at a pace much quicker compared to a young adult or a teenager. And guess how they learn most of the time? Compared to parent interactions and exploring the surroundings, toys tend to play a profound impact in the role, harnessing that mental power of a child and cultivating it to a greater proportion. Then why do parents get confused when they enter a toy store, not being able to decide what to buy for a child? Let this article shed some light on that.

  1. Choosing toys that can have a variety of applications can help a child play numerous games without getting bored. 
  2. Get toys that encourage exploration skills and favour a problem-solving approach. 
  3. Toys that spark a level of interest are also good. These can help open doors to a child which was previously unknown to them.
  4. Get toys that mimic real-life objects or things to help them develop an experience beforehand.
  5. Some books that can have illustrations and brightly coloured pics are also a good idea.
  6. And finally, make sure some of the toys encourage children to play with parents or adults in the family.

Babies and Toddlers: An Idea Of How They Learn From Toys

All the five senses are in play when babies saddle in to explore the world around them. Objects are picked up, tasted and thrown to coordinate motor skills capable of developing the holding and grasping abilities of the baby. As these skills develop, it’ll get easier for them to grasp and hold onto objects for longer periods and even pick up objects slightly heavier. It is often recommended for parents to be by their baby’s side as they grow up from their infancy. As they interact with their baby, they are encouraging language and social skills development. During this age, it is recommended to buy toys that are big, solid and brightly coloured. Moving objects above their crib, ring stacks, big dolls and toys help build this attention and concentration span and initiate muscular coordination that improves over time. 

For toddlers, the pace may change a little. They start to realise the functions of different objects in the house and help find the difference between objects, colours and shapes. Best toys for this age include balls and toys that function or prioritise mechanical or professional roleplay. 

For preschoolers, on the other hand, the world is without limits. With lots of new tricks and “imaginary friends”, preschoolers tend to build a whole new world in their little minds and even expect parents to encourage and cheer them on. Best toys during this age are toys that focus on construction models, crafts and toy vehicles like a ride on motorbikes. 

Do understand that parents can shape the way a child thinks or learns, which means besides a toy, the only other thing they’ll closely monitor and spend time with is their moms and dads. So it’s important to provide them with the love and support they’ll cherish for the years to come.


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