10 Best Cleaning Authority Tips You Will Read


The more eco-friendly you are, the more you will benefit from a clean home. iteam.cleaning authority tips can improve the health of your family and make your house a healthy place to live in. They can make your kitchen sparkle or solve some hard water problems. When it comes to cleaning, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution: You may need different methods for different materials in different households. So before you start throwing out irons or get rid of them all together, take a look at these 10 best cleaning authority tips that are guaranteed to have amazing results!

10 best cleaning authority tips are:

1. Spot Treat the Pest Infestation

When you see pests in your place, take a look at all the areas and start cleaning. Get rid of all the cleaners and chemicals you have used to kill them. The pests may be back to haunt your place again. Getting rid of scrubbing clothes, wash rags, fabric homes, carpets and more will be useful for your home cleaning.

2. Remove Dirt from Fridge

Never throw away food that is forgotten inside the refrigerator at night. Instead wipe it clean with vinegar and store it properly for further use or throw it out. Cold foods should not be stored with warm foods as they may grow bacteria in them which can give you discomfort later on when consumed.

3. Get Rid of Glass Paperweight

Glass paperweights are the deadliest thing to home cleaning authority tips. They can kill or injure your family or pets when they are crushed. You should throw them away as soon as possible even if you don’t know where they came from and how they ended up in your place. Glass is fragile and thin and can easily break under the weight of heavy objects placed upon them. For example, glass paperweights are prone to wear out due to constant usage.

4. Take care of your Air Conditioner

A common complaint about air conditioning is the dust that it produces. Cleaning your AC unit can take a lot of time, and you may need to replace it if there’s too much dust on it. Fortunately, a thorough cleaning will prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. Always remove all dust from vents and air filters before replacing filters or cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner because these are normally equipped with special brush rollers for easy cleaning.

5. Keep Your Car Clean

You can clean your car well if you know how to do it. Clean the windshield, eliminate all dirt from the tires, clean all parts on the car, underneath and outside. Dirt build-up on the headlights also reduces their performance and increases the maintenance cost of your car.

6. Remove Grease Stains on Clothes

Never throw out clothes stained with grease because they can be repaired easily by adding some fabric glue. However, you should not add too much as it may ruin the whole cloth by creating a heavy mess. If you have an electric iron, use a brush to remove grease stains from clothes before removing them from cupboards or wardrobes for cleaning.

7. Clean the Chrome

When you see grease or oil spots on your bathroom chrome, clean it with a soft cloth, soapy water and wipe it away quickly. Do not use chemical cleansers as these may damage your chrome and leave scratches.

8. Remove Dirt from Stove and Oven

If you clean up after cooking, remove all traces of food from the stovetop and oven, but do not use too much water or soap as this may lead to rusting of steel parts in stoves and ovens. If you have an electric stove top or a gas oven that uses ceramic glass, you can clean them by using a razor to scrape heavy buildup before cleaning with a cloth dipped in soap.

9. Wash the Floors

You need to remove all dirt and grime from the bathroom and kitchen floors with a mop and bucket. You can use bleach on your kitchen floor to help kill germs. Always use hot water to clean off grease stains or spills immediately after cooking in the oven or kettle to prevent them from turning into grease stains. Clean your floors thoroughly once a week with warm water, mild detergent and then let it dry completely.

10. Clean the Toilet Bowl

Toilet bowl can be cleaned by pouring some warm water in it and waiting for a short time, removing the plug and draining off the water. Clean it with a cloth dipped in vinegar. Remove all dirt from your toilet bowl with a toilet brush and flush it repeatedly with water to remove it. It is better to use disinfectant cleaners for cleaning toilet bowls as you can see their impact even before you finish cleaning.


Clean and healthy home environment will always make your home welcoming and relaxing. To keep your house clean from different types of contaminate, prevent them in the first place by following all the best cleaning authority tips and tricks.


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