Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve Thaumcraft Golem Core


Golems are a difficult, but rewarding experience for players in Thaumcraft 4. In order to make the golem work effectively, it requires the player to perform a number of tasks. Most importantly, the player must create an item called Thaumium Ore and place it inside of their thaumcraft golem core guard. This ore has to be placed as close to the center of the Golem as possible; otherwise, its power output is significantly decreased.

10 secret techniques to improve Thaumcraft Golem Core are:

1. Place Thaumium Core in a river

Golems are affected by the nearby water source, so if you place it near a river, the golem will draw power from it, allowing you to use less fuel in your golem.

2. Build your Golem near a tree

The golem has a large amount of Durability, so it can take damage from the trees in the world, but not from high monsters. Placing the golem near a tree will increase its durability. Much like rivers, trees also increase the power of an active golem. You can build it next to a tree and see how much less fuel it takes to function at full capacity.

3. Charge your Thaumium Core with a wand

If you begin building your golem, you might as well charge it while you are at it. You need to charge the core with a wand in the center of what will become its body. This increases its power output and allows for more items to be added to your golem. When you place your core in the middle of your robot frame, try using a wand on the core beforehand. Waving a wand over the ore increases the power output and will make it easier for the golem to activate itself.

4. Use Skeletons as your golem’s power source

Skeletons are a great choice because they do not require fuel when placed in the frame of a golem. However, they also do not provide any additional protection on their own, so you’ll have to protect them with more mundane means while they’re in combat mode.

5. Avoid placing thaumium in the corners

Since the core requires thaumium in the middle of the golem, you’ll have to be careful when choosing where to place your core. The center is the best choice, but it’s also the hardest to secure. If you’re trying to get a golem up and running quickly, however, you might want to place a core in the corner for added protection. For some reason, if you place your Thaumium Ore in one of the corners of your core, the golem activates more slowly than if it is placed near the center of your frame. 

6. Differentiate between using a wand to charge your golem and using a bell

Bell rods are a little easier for the golem to activate, so it may be worth using a wand in some cases. When you use a wand over your core, the golem activates more slowly. You can compensate for this by using the bell instead of the wand. Bells are used to give power to other golems; this helps you to utilize both cores without needing to charge one in addition to the other.

7. Use blocks for protection

When you use blocks to block an enemy’s line of sight, the enemy will also be unable to damage the golem. You can keep a golem alive for longer by using blocks in your robot frame rather than just using a wand over your core. Build a protective wall of blocks around the outside of your core after placing it in order to prevent attackers from getting close enough for melee attacks.

8. Use the right size machine blocks

Using large blocks in your frame is fine if you add a lot of protection to it. However, using smaller blocks will allow you to place more Thaumium Ore in the area that surrounds your core. In order to do this, place two small machines in opposite corners at the same time instead of one large machine.

9. Put signal lights around your golem

Signal lights are used to activate golems and can be placed anywhere in your town. If you place them around the perimeter of your golem, it will activate faster. Signal lights are a great way to light up an area and make it easier for your golems to see attackers from a distance. Place them on the outside face of your frame and run wires between them that lead into the center of your Golem Core; the wiring should be outfitted with an energy source (such as redstone dust).

10. Use a diamond pickaxe

A diamond pickaxe is one of the most powerful types of mining equipment in Minecraft. Using a diamond pickaxe (or another type of diamond tool), you can break down your Thaumium Ore faster, which means that your golem will run more efficiently. When you mine your ore, make sure that you are using a diamond pickaxe instead of an iron pickaxe. This will cause the golem to activate more quickly when the ore is struck by your tool.


These 10 secret techniques will surely help you in using the golem core to its full potential. With some practice, you’ll be able to build and operate your golems without needing any other power source. Although these techniques take time to learn, they’re worth it!



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