A Beginner’s Guide to Playing The Aussie Powerball


Australia has had a rather interesting history with lottery games, paving the way for many people to get rich and, in some cases, even building Australia up from a young nation back in the day. Before the Powerball and the lotto, which is a significant market in itself currently, there were illegal sweepstakes back in the 1800s that jumped from one state to another, depending on the authorities monitoring these activities. From Sydney to New South Wales and into every corner of the country, every state decided on their lottery games, finally making their way into the famous TattsLotto and the Golden Casket Lottery.

Although the lottery and its winnings have a rich history in the country, their prominence has grown in recent decades thanks to the growing presence of software tools and digital media. As the demand grew, so did the market and, simultaneously, the jackpot prize. The recent Aussie Powerball jackpot was placed at 80 million dollars, showcasing to the general public what they can earn if they get a lucky draw. Although most Australians see lotteries as a pastime and a way to keep up with old traditions, some see them as a potential money grab. This was evident during the onset of the global pandemic when millions of Aussies tried their hand at winning the jackpot. 

Winning the lotteries is more of a chance and a lot of luck, but for those new to the game, this guide can help them get started. Above all, be safe, enjoy the game, and have a great time! 

The Aussie Powerball: Getting To Know The Basics 

The Australian Powerball, or PB for short, is one of the largest lottery games held in the country, with winnings going up to 150 million dollars. 

The following is the process of applying for the lottery:

  • Players can go online through recognised platforms and pay the price electronically, or they can go the traditional way and buy a ticket in-store. 
  • Fill out the ticket and visit a news agency to get a pay slip. If players are buying a ticket online, they can register for a playing card and any entry they buy after that will be automatically linked to the card. Considering the effort and time involved with purchasing a ticket in-store, users might find it more convenient to buy a ticket online. 
  • To play Australian Powerball, players must choose seven main numbers between 1 and 35. An additional number known as the Powerball number must also be selected, which should be anywhere between 1 and 20. Users registering online can choose to get random numbers assorted for them and decide how many draws they should enter in advance, the limit to that being 10.
  • Once the basic information and other details are added, the ticket will now be available to buy, and users are cautioned to keep it somewhere safe until the results are drawn. 

The Draw

The draw usually takes place every Thursday at approximately 8:30 pm, and players must ensure that they buy their tickets at least an hour before the draw. 

There are various systems that players must choose from to increase their chances of winning a jackpot. The more combinations they enter, the greater the probability of winning, but understand that the prices will increase accordingly. The process is a bit smoother for online players, and they can do it in the comfort of their homes if they have a smartphone or a personal computer. Prizes can then be claimed from various authorised stores.


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