The Future of Ryan Smith Skateboard.


What is Ryan Smith Skateboarding?

Ryan Smith Skateboard is a young and innovative company that releases new skateboards on a monthly basis. We wanted to create a business where we could design, make and distribute high quality skateboards in quick succession.

Benefits of this product:

Consumers might want to purchase our boards because they will always be getting the latest designs, rather than waiting for years between updates like other companies release. Our skateboards can be customized with our website’s customizer as well.

Benefits of the distributors:

Ryan Smith Skateboard distributors get a complete range of new products as soon as they’re invented. They can add them to their online shop and sell them online, but more importantly, they benefit from increased brand awareness thanks to the heavy involvement of Ryan Smith himself in each product launch.

How is it made?

We design skateboards in our company’s 3D modeling software. We then send the files to our local fab lab to create the prototypes. Once approved, we order the final production run from a factory in China.

Pros of the product:

Ryan Smith Skateboard is a more affordable choice for consumers who want to purchase new skateboards, but don’t want to pay a lot. Based on the current pricing models of other companies, we have about a 25% discount in price compared to them.

Cons of the product:

You are always getting the latest technology with this product, but you will have to wait until it is released if you want one.

Future of Ryan Smith Skateboard:

In the future, we plan on opening stores that sell Ryan Smith brand merchandise exclusively. We also plan on starting a program where consumers can get their old boards repaired at our shops, and we will give them updates on future skateboards as a reward for returning their old ones.

Presently, we will be pursuing new distributors that can sell our products to retailers in new markets. We have been approached by several shop owners in Japan, so we might start there first. We also plan on spreading awareness about our company in more media channels than just YouTube .

Is it worth the money?

Yes. We believe this brand will change the way skateboarding is perceived by the public, and we believe that our future products will be both innovative and affordable to anyone who wants to buy them. Ryan Smith Skateboard is a young and innovative company that releases new skateboards on a monthly basis. We wanted to create a business where we could design, make and distribute high quality skateboards in quick succession. 

One of our biggest problems has been finding distributors who want to carry Ryan Smith Skateboard because many don’t want to take the risk or are unable to keep up with our production schedules. Each skateboard set is approximately $500 USD. The customizer will come with the first run.

Features of the product:

Ryan Smith Skateboard is durable, made from maple and bamboo, and is guaranteed to not break while being used in risky situations. The base has a slight concave to it so that tricks are easier to do. We wanted to create a new type of skateboard that offered the pricing of cheaper products with the customization of more expensive ones. We still have our website customizer feature available, which allows consumers to add embroidery or other small details for under $20 an order. We believe that we are the only company who offers this service at such a low price point.

How is it distributed?

The distribution of our skateboards is done through distributors who want to sell them online and offline, such as skate shops or restaurants that serve food and drinks. We didn’t want to limit the product distribution to only online sales because we know that some buyers enjoy buying products in stores. We are currently establishing routes to market for new retailers. 

Is it customizable?

It’s been experimental, but we believe it’s a good idea for future iterations. We plan on making the customizer available as a tool on our website so that retailers can take custom orders from consumers and companies will be able to design their own skateboards there instead of sending us the files themselves.

Potential of growth:

A skateboard can be used in multiple ways: it can be used by a professional skater, or by a person who just wants to ride around their backyard or neighborhood. The future of Ryan Smith Skateboard is to create skateboards for both types of users.

Is it popular enough?

We started off with a handful of consumers who are buying our products on YouTube, but our numbers have greatly increased in the past few months. However, we still have many problems trying to get the word out about what we’re doing. We hope that our distribution strategy will get us more attention in the future. 


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