Cufflinks as a fashion accessory

fashion accessory

Cufflinks are those jewellery pieces worn by men that help fix and shut the cuffs of shirts. Cufflinks are available in different materials such as metals, glass, leather, stone, and any expensive metal or combination. 

This procurement or fixing of the cufflinks is done with the help of toggles dependent upon the frontage designs and can be pleated into the position. There are different alternatives available with bent rear portions or chains. The cufflinks can be designed and adorned with inset materials, enamels or gemstones. It is also decorated in two-three spatial forms. 

These cufflinks are made for shirts with buttonholes or cuffs on both sides with no buttons. The length of the cuffs might be either single length or double length. It can be worn with all its edges angling outwards or any of its edges facing inward and the other edge facing outward so that it covers the hem. 

Different types of cufflinks 

Cufflinks give an elegant look to the shirt and make it look more attractive. Various cufflinks are available and can be chosen according to the shirt type and style. 

  • Fabric cufflinks: These are made of cloth pieces, and generally, less expensive silk is used for making fabric cufflinks. This silk knot is made with two compound Turk head knots. With changing times, the silk fabric is now replaced with elasticated core fabric. 
  • Interchangeable cufflinks: These are the latest cufflinks that have occupied the marketplace. It comprises a bar with a loop at one of its ends. At the other end, a motif is inserted. 

How are cufflinks practical?

Cufflinks tighten and secure the cuffs together on the shirt. One can choose to wear different types of cufflinks for special occasions. Whether the event is casual or a party or celebration, cufflinks can add a great touch to the whole outfit. These cufflinks can transform the outfit like a pro. 

It is essential to match the cufflinks with the outfit, as mismatched cufflinks may make the attire dull and unpleasant. If the outfit is of warm colours, then vibrant and dark coloured cufflinks such as red or orange can be apt. On the other hand, if the costume has chill colour tones such as grey or blue, one can choose silver-touched cufflinks. 

Choice of Cufflinks 

One can integrate cufflinks with office or formal wear to get the perfect look. These are available at affordable rates and you can select one according to personal taste and interest. The cufflinks coordinate with the budget and style. Cufflinks that are dark in colour, such as black, can go with any simple attire. 

How to choose matching cufflinks?

Different colours of cufflinks can enhance the look of the whole outfit. Various shapes are available for cufflinks, such as squares, rectangles or hexagons. You can select one according to your preference. Cufflinks can make any outfit look remarkable. 

Choosing the style and type of cufflinks is necessary as it’s the final touch of the outfit. One should select it according to the shirt’s design. If the shirt has french cuffs, then cufflinks are a must. It can not only be paired with a tux but also with a suit. Cufflinks can never go out of style and tend to remain in trend. Choose one which coordinates with your outfit and style and adds to your elegance.


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