How To Deal With A Very Bad Trend Alert


A new “trend” has emerged. Since its inception at Florida August 18, we have watched its spread as it skillfully exploits social media and feeds off controversy. We’ve seen people trying to profit from this trend under the guise of humor or satire, but the joke is on them because now this trend threatens public safety.

1. Let’s start by defining our terms:

Trend – A general direction of social behavior or fashion where the majority of people seem to be following a particular pattern.

2. The Trend in Focus: “Trayvoning”

-A young black male lays on the ground in a public place as white people pose, stand around, smile, and even sometimes take pictures with their cell phones. These photos are then uploaded onto various social media sites where they are given the appropriate hashtag for easy sharing with friends. Here is a link to one example .

3. Trend Analysis:

The Selfish Nature of This Trend – The narcissism and self-absorption required for someone to take a picture with a dead person in the background is truly impressive. This trend also showcases the lack of sympathy, empathy and common decency that often come from being brought up in certain social environments. It also shows how easy it is for people to lose touch with reality when consumed by their own selfishness and excessive entitlement.

4. The Public Safety Threat:

These “Trayvoning” photos are being uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In an age when social media is at the forefront of how news is spread, these photos are being used in a very detrimental way – they’re publicly displaying where people are congregating. These gatherings could easily be seen as “flash mobs” if they were organized by someone with a malicious motive. What if a gang member wanted to target South Chicago? Or maybe a terrorist organization wants to attack the suburbs?

5. What You Can Do:

– Share this article with everyone you know, especially your friends who might share the same interests on social media as those involved with this trend .

-Help spread the word that taking the “Trayvoning” photos is helping those responsible for these gangs, terrorists, or any other malicious groups who want to harm us!

-If you run a community watch group, reach out to everyone and make them aware of this trend.

-Don’t participate in this trend. Don’t take the picture because that adds fuel to the fire by helping spread the word about it.

-When you see one of these pictures online or in person, send out a few tweets and pictures letting everyone know where it is! Make people think twice about partaking in “Trayvoning” next time they see someone do it.

-Contact your local news station and ask them to do a story on this trend.

6. Who We Are:

I am a member of CLEEN, or Citizens Leading the Elimination of Enemies. We are a grassroots organization that tries to take care of our own community in Chicago by using armed force if necessary. Find us on Facebook and Twitter .

We aren’t vigilantes because we don’t take the law into our own hands, but we do take action when the government fails its citizens by not addressing the growing problem of gang violence with enough force…Remember, what you do today may just save someone else the grief your family had to deal with later.

7. What’s Next:

We have already seen this trend expand to the point where it will affect our neighborhood, schools, and businesses…All it takes is someone with a little patience and a big imagination to think of something that will get their friends worked up over…just like “Trayvoning” photos. The possibilities are endless. At some point, we will all be forced to deal with this trend or face being killed by its perpetrators.

8. We may also see these types of photos used in conjunction with other social media sites and platforms…

-Trayvoning selfies on Twitter

-Trayvoning memes on Tumblr and Instagram

-Trayvoning videos on YouTube

9. We would like to conclude this article with a few words from an old friend:

“If you’re not living as if you are already dead, then you might as well be dead already for all the good it does.”


This article is meant to be a warning to those who might be tempted to “Trayvoning” in public and help people realize the dangers of doing so. We would also like to encourage everyone else to spread this warning wherever necessary. You may save a life or two along the way.

You can see from the above article that this has already started happening in Chicago. The phrase ” Trayvoning ” is being thrown around as if it’s some kind of fashion statement. I mean let’s be honest, you’re not a real thug until you’ve “Trayvoned”. It causes unnecessary racial tension, promotes gang violence and encourages people to take selfies with a dead body in the background, in public, for all the world to see.


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