Secrets About Where To Go After Gargoyles That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years


We’re going to limit our talk on Gargoyles to what we, as a team of people who were there, know about them. We’re not going to speculate on things we don’t know about this subject because in this instance, that could be dangerous. Where to go after gargoyles that has never been revealed before, the the only way that this can be properly done is to make a list of what we know. That’s what we’ll do here in this article. In the early years after Gargoyles was canceled, David Greenwalt and Joe Kelly did interviews relating to their time working on the series. 

In one of those interviews they both acknowledged that they had a list of ideas for animated series that they were trying to pitch at the time Gargoyles got canceled. One idea that was pitched to Disney’s animation division was a series about gargoyles as secret agents. The pitch didn’t go through because eventually, Gargoyles ended up coming back for another season on Disney Channel, but still without any sense of being an animated comedy like this original idea.

Secrets About Where To Go After Gargoyles That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years :

1. Gargoyles in the Modern World –

By this, we mean that the gargoyles of the series are not living in medieval times. We know this because when Goliath comments on his ability to fly, Elisa says “I thought you guys had wings.” She would not say that if they were living in a medieval castle. It makes sense for Goliath and his clan to be living in some kind of future rather than a past. This is why we see many modern vehicles and skyscrapers in the opening theme sequence. Something else we can infer from this is that New York never got completely destroyed during 9/11 because there’s a modern skyline shown every time we see this city being discussed or visited.

2. A female Goliath –

In the later years of the series, when Goliath and his clan begin going out among humans, they disguise themselves with wigs and sunglasses. Brooklyn and Broadway are both seen wearing these disguises so it’s not as if they are hiding their identity as gargoyles from each other. As far as we know, Demona was never seen wearing a wig while she was living in New York City with her clan but she might have been wearing one when far away from all the other characters in the show, such as a place like Paris. It’s hard to say what kind of disguises the male gargoyles were using during their covert missions such as those involving Xanatos because Mr. Xanatos was never seen wearing a disguise.

3. A Female Goliath of the Clan –

During the period in which Goliath and his clan are living among humans, we see different females of the clan. We know that Demona isn’t really an active member of the Gargoyle Clan during this time because sometimes she’s shown not as a gargoyle but just as a red-eyed female figure. It’s possible that more than one female character could be affiliated with the clan at this time so it’s possible that Demona isn’t currently in charge of her clan like she is later on in parts two and three of the series or if she ever was.

4. The gargoyles spend the day in a castle and go out at night –

This is actually similar to the original plan for the series, which was that it would be set at night and then feature Goliath, Demona, and company waking up as humans in their normal lives during the day. While nothing was ever shown of this aspect of the series, we do know what it looks like thanks to an early drawing of Demona. This shows a female character with red hair who we can assume is supposed to be Demona or close to her design anyway. It’s possible that this character was designed by Greg Weisman based on a concept of his and not David Greenwalt as has been speculated about.

5. Demona has two daughters –

Demona was apparently the Queen of New York City during the time she lived there with her clan. We also see Demons having two daughters at one point during the series when Goliath has to leave the Clan and go out into human society. This gives us some idea that there is more than just one gargoyle female living in the modern world of this series with Demons being a queen or some other kind of leader among her clan. We don’t know if the females who are currently living in a modern world are all descendants of Demona’s clan or if they’re all simply members of a single clan that has been around for longer.

6. Goliath and Demona never had a romantic relationship –

When Greg Weisman was interviewed about Gargoyles , he said that Goliath and Demona were not intended to be lovers in the series. David Kemper has also said this. Now, is it possible that there were plans to have them get together at some point in the series? Absolutely. What we know for sure is that they did not ever get together romantically during the actual show’s run on television.

7. There’s a big mystery about the Demona costume –

Demona’s appearance during the early episodes of Gargoyles was a bit different from what we saw during the last few years of the series when she began wearing an expensive costume that looked like it cost many thousands of dollars. This suggests that she had money in her clan and that she and her clan were able to acquire as much money as there is in an entire episode of this series. We can speculate on who would have purchased such expensive costumes for Demona and her clan, but not just yet. We would like to see more about this before we make any predictions about it.


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